Online Voice Lessons: A Beautiful Adventure

My daughter loves to sing. Just ask her brothers who tease her mercilessly about her frequent bursts of joyful vocal expression. Fortunately, she understands the language of boys. She knows their gentle teasing is a sign of affection... and she reciprocates (in boy language) by chasing them around the house in a threatening manner. Which they understand to mean that she loves them, too.

At any rate, we all know she loves to sing and I have been thinking for a long time about the possibility of voice lessons for her. I have procrastinated and hemmed and hawed and employed all kinds of academic musings toward the problem. My own brief foray into lessons as a preteen was disappointing; a grumpy and discouraging teacher combined with terrible allergies made short work of my enthusiasm and embarrassed me into giving up that dream. So I have been careful with this one... I didn't want to just jump into lessons. There are also practical considerations in a large family dynamic. What to do?

Well, we did find a solution in the person of Daniel Foran, who is a practicing Catholic and professional performer and... he was homeschooled himself. Actually, he was the 9th of 14 children. Makes my family look tiny! So he knows our situation more than the average bear.

I wrote an article this week for CatholicMom in which I describe a little of our journey so far with Mr. Foran. It has been a good one. If you are looking for this kind of instruction for someone in your life who is serious about music or if you just want to read about a really cool Catholic guy... check it out. And please, please, please... listen to him sing! Check out his multimedia page for that privilege.

The lessons that Cookie has been taking are all online. It sounds odd, I know... but it has opened up a wonderful door for us; and I recommend this path for those who, like us, are willing to take on a bit of adventure to explore a dream.

Posted on August 23, 2011 and filed under "daniel foran", "singing lessons".