Thoughts on Voris...

So, I apparently opened a can of worms by posting a Michael Voris video. I had no idea. Well, I guess I had some idea since I've seen people like Mark Shea go bonkers about the guy. But Shea goes bonkers with frequency about so many things... I guess I just wasn't paying too much attention.

In the post in which I apparently committed the crime of including Voris, I also include video from Cardinal Arinze, Fr. Z, and a link to a letter from Steve Ray. I have received no negative communications regarding those guys... but I guess there's still time for that.

I thought about it a little and had an "oh-no-will-they-all-still-like-me-if-I-keep-the-Voris-video-up?" moment. It passed almost immediately and I've decided to keep it there for the very reason I posted it in the first place... which is...

I really like to discuss, think about, share and grow in the study and practice of my faith. Mr. Voris had some things to say about a topic that was on my mind and I, aspiring to some maturity, thought he said some things worth considering and sharing. I did not say that I thought he is always perfect in fact or presentation; I simply shared his take. In fact, my only commentary on his video was: "Michael Voris chimes in below..." Totally assuming that grown-ups can take what is good and leave the rest.

Now... if Voris had used the type of language I have recently heard coming from his opponents, I would never have posted it. I also delete anonymous comments that are inappropriate. If you don't like something I post and want to share your respectful opinion (this was also done and I appreciated it), you are most welcome. I think we all know the difference.

Our faith should inspire passion. Healthy debate is good. I recall that my own first steps toward fully embracing the Catholic faith (and pivotal points in my ongoing conversion) were inspired by strong negative emotion. In other words, I was angry with certain things I heard or the way they were presented. That strong emotion  jostled me out of my lukewarm state and made me define what I believed. It led me to deep discernment and study and I have changed my position on numerous things over the years as a result. There's a place for people like Voris and Shea in the Catholic world... even though they don't quite get along with each other.  The Church is a colorful place.

Related to the topic of the original post: I don't generally kneel to receive the Eucharist. But I would like to. My diocese discourages even genuflection. Consequently, I find the topic extremely interesting.

Pat Archbold weighs in on Voris: Voris, Corapi, And The Ned Flanderification Of Catholic Commentary

Posted on August 2, 2011 .