7 Quick takes Friday

Joining Jennifer at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday...

I finally have my answer to my question on the buying and selling of sacramentals. Professor contacted a priest we know who is currently studying to be a canon lawyer and here, much abbreviated, is his answer:

1. Can you buy an object known to be blessed? No.

2. Can you buy item if you are not sure whether or not it was blessed? Yes.

3. Is it permissible to purchase blessed items in order to rescue them from being thrown away or desecrated? Yes.

4. Is it permissible to sell or purchase relics. No. Relics are not collector's items or things to be acquired. They can only be given and money only accepted upon issuance as a donation for postage or a case. Father has commented that the efforts of some groups to purchase relics in order to "rescue" them does not seem to prevent abuse; it only seems to increase the market for the items sold by unscrupulous people.

Also, items lose their blessing if they are desecrated, broken beyond usefulness, or publicly sold for profit. If an item is sold without profit being made or given to someone, it does not have to be re-blessed.

Hooray for my long-awaited weekly date night with the Chief! We are playing in a sand volleyball league and I am slowly improving. You know you live in Cleveland when no one bats an eyelash at playing in 40 degree rainy weather in bare feet. Eventually the feet do become numb and the pain disappears. To all of my California friends who wear fleece hats and coats when the temperature gauge hits the 50's: Spoiled! Spoiled, I tell you! :)

Regarding highly competitive spouses playing on the same team. This arrangement has its limitations but is probably better than highly competitive spouses being on opposite teams. I'll say no more... only that he was clearly out of position and if he had stayed in his position I wouldn't have this tremendous bruise. ahem

We did not have Cookie play CYO volleyball this season for a number of reasons but the club season is fast approaching for both boys and girls. Professor had tryouts last weekend and accepted a contract for a 16's team. Cookie will have her tryouts next month. That means that I will soon have to start driving a lot again. *sigh* I am grateful for my Garmin. It's not that I am always getting lost... only that I am always making wrong turns. I insist that there is a difference.

Funny "homeschooler meets public school teacher" moment:

One of the coaches doing evaluations during Professor's tryout for the 16's team was favorably impressed by the boy's performance. He had not met my husband (also a coach) before that day since we are new to this club and he decided to share his thoughts with his new peer...

"See that kid right there? He's the most athletic kid out on that court. AND he's only 13! AAAAND... he's HOMESCHOOLED!" *look of shock and befuddlement*

At that moment another coach walked up, pointed to my husband and said, "That's his kid."

The Chief found the highly awkward moment extremely humorous. It turns out that the coach who made the comment is a public school teacher and is quite genuinely confounded by the idea of homeschooling... and by any thought that a homeschooler could be socially adept or athletic.  This is what an educator might call a "teachable moment. :)

Anyone need size 11 shoes?
We have a used pair of leather Born Susy mary janes that were used by Cookie. They were rather expensive but I can't really sell them since one of the small loops that holds the straps down is missing. She says the deficiency does not affect how they fit. The only reason they need a new home is because her feet have grown again. So... anyone looking for a used pair of comfy, serviceable size 11 shoes, please contact me. I will send them along to you for the cost of shipping which will be about $10. More pics available.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen cause moving along as a tribunal of inquiry investigates miraculous healing. Read more here about a baby who was without a pulse for 61 minutes at birth... and who celebrated his first birthday this week, healthy and happy. Servant of God Fulton Sheen, pray for us!

Posted on September 23, 2011 .