7 Quick Takes

Joining Jennifer at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes...

I have just about reached the fitness goals that I set for myself in April. Not quite as astonishingly impressive as I had hoped but at least I am moving forward. Yesterday marked the first time I have played on a beach volleyball court with my husband in years. FUN. Perfect date night. In spite of being a bit rusty, I was happy overall with how I played and remembered how much I enjoy the feel of sand between my teeth. :)

Cupcakes for Blessed Mother's birthday... in the fashion of Our Lady of Guadalupe: pink cake (pink dress), blue frosting (blue mantle), yellow, orange and white sprinkles (stars on her mantle).

School starts for us on Monday. The kids are actually pretty excited and I am as well. I am planning on doing a four day academic week and then reserving the fifth entirely for them to pursue other interests. What I can't decide is whether to make that day Monday or Friday. Friday makes the most sense to me intellectually; but taking Monday off feels better since Sunday nights are usually late for us. I guess I'll play it by ear.

A while back, Allison introduced her readers to a site called SwapMamas. I love the idea of bartering goods and services. I signed up but was a little overwhelmed with it and let it sit unused for many weeks. This past week I finally took the plunge and listed 3 items. Within a day, I had swapped two of them for things nice enough to give as Christmas gifts. It's a lot like shopping garage sales in that it takes some familiarity and time and smarts to find the right items... but super fun once the ball gets rolling. Oh, and you have to be able to say No in a nice but decisive way to nice people you don't want to swap with. The only money involved is shipping costs. My average expense for five swaps so far has been $3. Well worth it to get rid of stuff I have just sitting around and acquire items that I can actually use and gifts in the process.

The kids and I had our annual planning meeting a couple weeks ago. When it came time to talk about Professor's art curriculum for the year, his countenance drooped as he imagined all kinds of painful occasions involving shading and painting and whatnot; he didn't even like coloring when he was a tot.  But I surprised him... This year for art, Professor, you will be working with... *big resigned sigh heard from his direction*... Adobe Illustrator. His eyeballs got as big as saucers and he grew about 3 extra inches in height. Happy, happy kid. So happy, in fact, that he got up early the next morning to clean the kitchen so that he could begin. Armed with two Illustrator "how to" tomes, he is getting along quite well.

Another addition to his core studies this year will be time spent with Khan Academy for mathematical sciences and test preparation. Each video is about 10 minutes and I'm allowing 30 "school" minutes a day to watch and test to earn badges, with the understanding that he can spend more time if he completes his core math work early. I anticipate that the result of this arrangement is that he's going to attempt to complete that math as fast as humanly possible since Khan is more "fun". As long as he manages to learn his material well, I guess I have no problem with that.

My dad and brother were expected at an event in New York yesterday (9/8) but were stopped at every turn by the horrible flooding. They tried multiple routes but were completely shut out by a "wall" of water wherever they went. Missing the event was a great disappointment. One small consolation to my brother was being able to film a rooftop rescue by the US Army.

Posted on September 9, 2011 .