All Saints' Day fun for Mama...

The kids ask me to dress up for All Saints' Day every year. I don't have an objection to this other than the fact that it usually takes every bit of time we have to get the kids' costumes ready. I have dressed up in the past and it's always fun.

This year, the Professor had a good idea. He suggested using the Saint Generator that we used for choosing our annual patrons to choose an All Saints' patron. Sure! Why not? I went to the site and prayed...

Dear Jesus, please choose a saint for me.
Help me find a friend who will lead me close to thee.

The first saint that came up was St. Andrew Avellino and my son and I shared a belly laugh when we read that he is the patron of those afflicted with apoplexy. God has a good sense of humor. If you would have been in my house yesterday when I lost my temper just a little (Lord, have mercy!), you would get the joke.

We agreed that I should not have to dress up as a man and I tried again (and again) until I came up with a female. And if I manage to get everything done by All Hallows' Eve *sigh* I will be dressing up on All Saints' Day as...

St. Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart

St. Andrew and St. Teresa, pray for me!!

If anyone has a ready template or great fitting idea for a quick adult veil, I would love it. I can certainly piece one together with fine results but time is short... no sense in reinventing the wheel! I need to make one for an adult family member as well so this would be mighty helpful. I'll share pics if I end up with something really cool.

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