All Saints' Day Preparation

This is going to be one of those years when the costumes come together in a frantic kind of way. I'm not sure why I can't seem to organize myself in any way these last few weeks... but that's the way it is. I wander around my house aimlessly until the phone rings and someone on the other end reminds me that I've missed another appointment. I have large sections of my memory bank that are a complete zero.

In spite of all that, I do intend to give the holy day my best shot. The candy is purchased (the Chief is in charge of that being the expert that he is) and the party time set. We still need vigil Mass times, costumes and food. I'm sure it will all "fall into place" in the crazy sort of way that everything gets done around here lately. I'm starting to think that preparations wouldn't be fun at all without the "frantic" element.

At any rate, I can't post much beforehand this year about our prep but I can post some relevant links, new and old... Enjoy!

All Saints' Day Celebration Ideas
Mother Teresa Costume DIY
More Costume ideas at Catholic Icing
Caramel Apple Crisp 
Pumpkin Carving sanctified!

Incidentally, I'm often asked if we celebrate Halloween and if not, why not. The short answer is this:

We do not observe a secular Halloween. I'm not into scary for fun but I am into cool holy days. Since I have neither the resources nor the time to do both, Halloween (properly All Hallow's Eve anyway) gets the boot. Totally reclaimed holy day. My children miss nothing. They dress up in crazy stuff around the house all the time and dad makes sure they have a month's worth of tooth destroying candy. :)
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