Homeschool snapshots...

Snapshots of a day in our homeschool. You won't see many images of children studying... please just assume that it is going on in some quiet recess of the house where cameras don't go.

This is our white board. If you homeschool and don't have one, you should probably stop what you are doing and order one right now. Every day, at the top of the board we write the date, the feast or memorial (if there is one) and the daily Scripture. Below that, pretty much anything goes. This is the miracle board for children who dislike writing anything (with an intensity that confounds me). I have one like that and he no longer acts like he is dying... just gives tiny little indications of his frustration (note the unassigned word "unhappy"). Reading he will do for hours on end and exceptionally well. But I have backed off of paper assignments and am just trying to allow him to develop a better relationship with the act of writing.  I can't believe I have waited this long for this most excellent tool. Lovely. Buy one.

This is lunchtime. You don't need to see anyone else eating. This pretty much describes the whole scene. Food everywhere. Spilling. Sometimes flying across the room.... no, it isn't that bad usually. However, lunch is a favorite distraction for the children and I suspect they spill jugs of juice just to extend their pleasure.

Naptime. For one of us, anyway. The child goes until he can't go no mo'... then he usually falls asleep in someone's arms. Sometimes he falls asleep in bed... but odds are someone's noisy shenanigans will wake him prematurely anyway. Going with the flow. Happy in loving arms.

Daddy takes a vacation day. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "This is all about the baby!" Indeed, when there is a baby in the house, that is often what it is. You'll have to excuse us... we are smitten. You would be too if you heard how he says "uh oh" and tried to stick his fingers in your ear and bonk you in the head with his and tried to do a somersault on your floor. It's a hopeless case for us. But school is better this way... Lessons in love.

Posted on October 5, 2011 and filed under "babies", "home education", "homeschooling".