Pontifical Council Adds to the Confusion

Somebody please give the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace something to do! The council members apparently have too much time on their hands and have used it to come up with a bizarre suggestion to hand over global financial authority to... the U.N. Read it.

These people actually think that putting a group of highly corrupt, scandal-laden, mismanaged, anti-Christian, anti-family, elitists with a lot of money in charge of, well, everyone else's money... is a good idea. A "supranational authority" they call it. The United Nations -- the international governing body that says its member states must allow abortions -- is endorsed by Catholic clergy as a fine group to lead the world's economy.

This is the kind of stuff that makes evangelization very difficult in middle class America. On the heels of the abuse scandals it makes it well nigh impossible to engage neighbors and co-workers in serious discussion.

And just in case there is any doubt out there, please spread the word that this is NOT the official teaching of the Catholic Church. Read more about that very relieving fact here.

Allowing my mind to wander on the ridiculous...

Perhaps the council members can get together with the Occupy Wall Street people and have engaging discussions about the warm fuzzies of socialism, class warfare and Che Guevera.

Maybe a cardinal can share a glass of Italian wine with a nice middle-aged Occupy lady sporting a capitalist designed hair-do and a capitalist-sewn down jacket... and sit on a capitalist sleeping bag with a fired up college student wearing Abercrombie blue jeans. They can talk socialism together and talk peace... or money... or the French Revolution...

No, it clearly won't work out with those two groups in spite of their collective absence of common sense. The protesters will just think the prelates are one of the rich elite and reject them (or worse); and the prelates will try to convince the protesters to submit to a higher authority... the U.N. Ah well, it was a thought... you know, peace and harmony and all that.

The good council members would like to hand our lives and freedoms and wealth over to the despots peacefully. "Gradually." Through "free and shared agreement." The Occupiers don't really have a long-term plan... they would just like to be angry and united until someone who has money gives it to the people (in down jackets and relic watches and cell phones) who don't. Or until it starts to snow.

The vile decay of the French Revolution is unearthed. Where faith departs, something must step in. To quote Father Z: "Coming soon to a neighborhood near you..."

I thank God that my husband has a job. But if he did not I wouldn't be out in the cold just hanging and shouting and breaking stuff with the socialists, anarchists, and other angry people. I would be trying to find a way to make ends meet. And I definitely would not want the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace to ask the U.N. to come on in and fix it. *shudder*

History tells us that these battles are not new and that they are never really won. Until we have a Christ-centered populace, we will continue to fight... and both sides will continue to lose. Lord, have mercy!

"If we are behind either Capital or Labor, at what point will either stop in their demands? Or is there a stopping point? Did Capital ever decide for itself, when it was in the saddle, that it would take no more than ten per cent profits? Capital took all the profits the traffic would bear. Now that Capital is unseated and Labor is riding the economic horse, what limits does Labor set itself? Is there a wage beyond which it will not ask? Are there certain minimum hours below which it will not seek to work? They too will get all the traffic will bear. When self-interest and class-interest become the standard, then who shall say there is a right and wrong? As the old Chinese proverb put it: "No good rat will injure the grain near its hole."  ~ Servant of God Fulton J. Sheen

Posted on October 25, 2011 .