7 Quick Take Friday - Black Friday Edition

Joining Jennifer at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday...

Internet shopping was invented for people like me. I fail to share the interest that some others have in being physically present at a Black Friday brick and mortar store shopping event. Perhaps it is the cowardly, introverted, lazy person in me... but it sounds far nicer to sit at home eating leftover turkey. Did you read about the woman who pepper sprayed a bunch of other shoppers (including children) while attempting to get her hands on a video game system? I rest my case. Pass the gravy, please.

Please don't forget to enter my giveaway for A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. The deadline is tonight at 11:59pm. It would make an outstanding gift for any Catholic woman you know. Come on, fellas... the wifey would love this!

I have to give a plug here for some Catholic bloggy mamas with businesses...

Allison at A Broken Fortress sells the most darling baby lovies, custom designs, girly things at her Etsy shop...

Custom name pillow
Cam at A Woman's Place sells headcoverings, rosaries, jewelry and dress-up clothes for girls in her Etsy shops... 25% off this weekend with the coupon code GiveThanks25...

Holy Baby Dress-Up outfit
Terry at Deusprovidebit sells the sweetest crochet stuff ever in her shop...

Heather at Happy Mom Online sells great stuff for kiddos and moms in her shop...

Play sling for kids
The Chief spends time in the Fall of each year developing a computer spread sheet for our birthday and holiday shopping. It can get incredibly confusing and expensive if we're not careful so I greatly appreciate his efforts in this area. Items are color-coded to indicate when they are just in the idea stage (blue), purchased (green), arrived and ready to give (red). He also has a color for items that we have purchased on behalf of other people and for which they owe us money (purple). Once they pay us back, the color is changed to red. And oh, how nice it is when everything on that page is red!

For the crafty types among us, this weekend seems like the perfect time to catch up on our handmade gift to-do list. I am not doing so well this year with these plans. The primary obstacle is that I am committed to doing a craft fair in one week and I'm not even close to ready. So most of my crafty energy has been consumed by the obligatory... and the experienced among you know how that kills crafty enjoyment. I was determined to be ready this year and avoid this stress... alas, it is not to be. Someone please remind me not to do this again, eh?

If you need some items to add to your Christmas wish list, it's a very good time to get a jump start on your New Year's resolutions...
I just did the video this morning. What a great feeling to have completed a workout and a Rosary.

I know the world is occupied with shopping this weekend, but I am going to be super busy tomorrow cramming for the changes in the liturgy. In spite of all the great videos and explanations and resources out there, I have not been a very good student. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited about the revisions. And I figure I'll get the hang of it eventually. But since we do tend to sit up front, I was hoping to look a little cooler than I likely will. Of course, most people won't be looking at me... they'll be staring at their own books. Honestly, this is not only a lovely and good change, but it's just fun! A great little shake-up for the comfortable Catholic. It will be interesting to see if there will be fewer people sitting in the front of the church than usual. :)

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