All Saints' Day 2011

All Saints' Day was a wonderful treat for the whole family this year. Sometimes we're all sick in bed... and last year I was too pregnant to plan much... but this year was action-packed and costume-ready. A party with the cousins, evening Mass in costume, and a festive dinner. A few pics of the party...

St. Agatha's costume was a hand-me-down from St. Elizabeth of Hungary... but a few new accessories and a different beautiful face made it like new.

St. Elizabeth of Portugal helps St. Helena talk about her life.

St. Camillus 

St.??? We couldn't decide which saintly king he should be so he was all of them and we had everyone think of as many saintly kings as they could. Constantine, Louis, Stephen and Edward were all suggestions.

I wasn't able to be in costume this year like I wanted to be but I did manage to help my sister-in-law doll up as her favorite Little Flower. 

St. Therese, St. Elizabeth of Purtugal and St. Raymond Nonnatus

Pin the Halo on Saint Francis. A little bit higher there, Cub!

Bobbing for Apples... the water looks like much more fun to play with than the apples.

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