Lovin' Change

I absolutely love the new changes at Mass. I wasn't entirely confident about my part when I walked into the church but I was no worse off than anyone else. I really don't know why any lay person would fuss about it. The changes are all printed in bold for us to see and are actually rather minor from a technical standpoint (as in, there's really not much we have to actually change). I found it really exciting to have my attention called back to the Mass in this way. How easy it is to become complacent with the familiar! And now we have this opportunity to really look at the prayers and have our minds and hearts called to attention. Wonderful!

The Professor was talking to Father before Mass about the changes and Father admitted he had been mighty nervous before the first one in the morning. "Like saying my first Mass!" he said. I appreciated his energy and positive demeanor throughout in spite of his jitters. :)

We generally sit in the front of the church. I couldn't see what anyone else was doing because I had my nose in my book but I definitely heard participation. The back and middle of the church were a different story. Little Cub and I do a lot of traveling around the church these days and I get to see a lot. What I saw was that a disturbingly large number of people didn't even bother to pick up a book. They just stood there with mouths clamped shut... same old, same old.

I've been thinking about the predicament for the poor Christmas and Easter Catholics. Some are suggesting that these twice-a-year visitors are going to be completely surprised or unhappy. Based on what I saw from the back of the church I'd be surprised if most of the twicers even notice. Perhaps they'll just think the Mass is fancified for the holy day, no?

I'm very grateful today for this breath of beautiful fresh air. God is so good. Always calling us closer... and higher.

Fr. V.'s comment on his first Sunday with the changes, complete with his wonderful cartoons...
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Posted on November 28, 2011 .