Unexpected Christmas blessing... A Return

You know, I really didn't want to stop blogging. It was a harder sacrifice than I thought it would be but I figured that emotions were a lousy leader and I aught to stick to my decision. My final post had been up for a few days before the Chief read it and asked me about it. Why did you decide to stop? he asked. You should have talked to me about it first.

That hadn't occurred to me. I figured it was kind of a gift to him, this sacrifice. I would become a better wife and mother. He's always been a bit quiet about the blog... I think just allowing me that space to write on my own. I figured it was neither here nor there in his regular thoughts.

Why did you stop? he wanted to know. I told him I thought I should eliminate such distractions until I could become a better wife and mother. I have a lot of rough edges. Time to crack down.

You should have talked with me first. You should continue. It is a healthy outlet for you.

That was all. I was surprised. And grateful. The reasons for my initial decision still exist but my husband offered me simple clarity and blessing. It was a very short conversation but a great gift.

You should continue. Okay.

So it is with humility that I reenter the blogosphere nine days after I announced that I had left it. I told you I was fickle! Honestly, I was committed to leaving it as it was but for the word of my husband. My deepest gratitude and affection to my steady and handsome Chief!

Posted on December 30, 2011 .