7 Quick Takes Friday - Random Holiday Edition

Joining Jennifer at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday...

We went bowling as a family this week. I don't like bowling because I'm really bad at it and it makes my body very sore the next day. And those rental shoes... *shudder* I think one of the most compelling reasons for purchasing a Wii is the virtual bowling. I would emphatically support my childrens' desire for a Wii if it meant that I would never again be pressured into playing a real live game of bowling.

Cub helping mama pick out a weapon of torture.

Cookie had her first vocal performance this Christmas. My thanks to Mr. Daniel Foran for working so hard to help her reach her goal. She was white as a ghost and admitted to being extremely nervous, but it was the loveliest Panis Angelicus. She wore a pretty burgundy formal gown that we found on eBay for $8 shipped and a lace stretch shrug made by Allison at A Broken Fortress. Such a wonderful moment for my beautiful girl.

My 4-year old Jellybean drew a picture as a Christmas present for a priest we know. What was it? A nativity? Angels? Hearts? Flowers? What??? Nope. Bombs. The little circles in the big triangle thingies are bombs, Father. Because our family is so holy and focused on the important and beautiful things in life. You should be there at tomorrow's art lesson; we're drawing snipers. Aren't little girls sweet? :)

Among Professor's favorite gifts this year are a piano tuning kit (which he has already started learning to use thanks to YouTube), a Speedminton set, a Roman Missal, and a 10 pound bust of Socrates that someone found at an estate sale (with Professor's name written all over it).

Every once in a while I do a "Catholic" search on Etsy and uncover a nice surprise or two. Professor found one of these in his stocking this year (this is a stock photo... I ordered the natural hemp color) and is happily wearing it.

Hemp Twisted Square Knot Necklace with Catholic Scapular

We used the Saint's Name Generator again this New Year's to choose (or be chosen by) 2012 patron saints. I plan on writing a full post about this since my saint is so perfect for my needs right now that I laughed out loud as I read about her. Last year was the first year we did this and everyone loved it. We even used our annual patrons, the details of their lives and their charisms to help us fill our 2011 Easter baskets. That event was a huge hit and I plan on doing it again.

Last year around this time, I got to know Lena from Joyfilled Family. That meeting (virtually speaking) turned into one of the most significant details of 2011 as God used our friendship to lead me closer to Him. I encourage you to spend some time at her blog and also to pray for the kind of accountability and growth that true Christian friendship brings. Thanks Lena... Deo Gratias! ALL FOR!!

Posted on January 6, 2012 .