The Family Bus

It's official. We are a "big" family. After the birth of #6 we were no longer able to fit in our mini van. For over a year, we have been driving two cars everywhere while we saved and searched for the perfect new-to-us vehicle. I am pleased to announce that the bus has finally arrived!

Bus? Yes, according to Ohio code, our 12-passenger vehicle is technically... a bus. Which is wonderful since we can now sing "The wheels on the bus..." with real feeling.

I have never been particular about vehicles. Cars are tools and it's a bonus if they are comfortable and look nice but the details are not super important to me. My only preference this time was in favor of a van that wasn't white. Of course, white is less expensive and I understand that. It's just that all my friends with big families have shiny colorful vans. White vans are for people who paint and plumb and hammer and like to put ladders on the top of their vehicles. Mine is a mama bus; if it can't be pretty at least let it be not white. We've looked seriously at a hunter green van, a silver van, a navy blue van and a red van...

... but our van is definitely white. Get out the Sharpies kids... mama wants some color! It also has a diesel engine. And it beeps when we back up... which is a very fortunate thing for pedestrians when I am attempting to park but also has the disappointing affect of calling attention to my inevitably sorry parking attempts when others might not otherwise notice.

I haven't actually driven it yet and I confess some trepidation. I see my tiny mama friends behind the wheels of their huge vehicles and think that I aught to be all right. Just don't ask me to park anywhere. Have a good time at your tournament, kids! Mom will just be in the parking lot. Driving around in circles. Yes, I see that parking space. It just doesn't look like it's meant for me. I'm fine. I have crackers and water and I went to the bathroom before we left. Text me!  Love you!

We have been trying to come up with a name for our new wheels. Crash suggested "Disaster Transport" (which I secretly find hysterical) and someone else suggested "Bob." I think something a little more Catholic is in order but am drawing a blank.

I am grateful to God for this wonderful gift. I am grateful to my husband for working hard to bring it home. Jellybean and Button are grateful that they no longer have to sit facing backwards (in the station wagon). The older kids are grateful to have another few inches to breath. We are all grateful to be able to travel as a family again.

Incidentally, the timing of our new arrival couldn't have been better as a rear strut (I think) broke while I was driving the wagon on New Year's Eve. Popped right up through the interior next to Jellybean.

Jellybean's new seat in "the bus" next to our new window cling crucifix.

Posted on January 4, 2012 .