Obama Facilitates the End of American Liberty

The Obama administration has teamed up with the Department for Health and Human services to ensure that the American conscience must comply with Big Brother within one year or agree to die.

The time has come for all Catholics to vote. None of this not-voting-for anyone-because-they're-all-evil-politicians business. It is well past time. There is evil and then there is evil. There are important issues (the economy) and there are important issues (the murder of innocent children and the subjection of basic liberty). If we do not use our vote to fight for good (or "less evil" as the case may be), then it is as if we have cast a vote for evil.

If you're not a Catholic, you have a very good reason to stand with us; because this issue is not primarily about our beliefs, but about religious liberty. If the Obama administration is permitted to take ours away, then eventually, yours will be taken as well.

It is not difficult to believe that this has happened... because the signs from Obama have been as subtle as neon. What will be difficult to grasp is if the freedom-loving people in this country agree to stand for it.

Instead of restating the issue myself, I defer to several larger intellects who have already done great work illuminating the problem and outlining the steps to a solution. Please read them all and pass them along...

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Posted on January 29, 2012 .