7 Quick Takes - TMI /Girls Only Edition

This is my TMI / Girls Only Edition of 7 Quick Takes. Meaning, if you're not a woman, you may want to skeddadle. It won't be too horrible, I'll keep it brief, but still...

Kegels. Ladies, are you faithfully doing your kegels? Then stop. Apparently, they don't help and could hurt. What should you do instead of kegels to strengthen the maternally strained pelvic floor? Squats. Now that you're over your shock, go read more about it here.


Gray hair. My visions of going gray gracefully and naturally are dying within me. Thirty-five used to sound so old... and now that I'm here it just doesn't seem like it should be time to go gray. It's just sprinkled but increasing steadily. The men I know who are going gray look so... distinguished. Mine just looks messy and random.

There used to be a lovely older woman in the J. Jill catalogs with long pretty gray hair. I have long imagined my ideal future older self to have that lovely head of mature hair. Natural, silver white hair blowing in the breeze. Anyway, it's not really like that for me and I guess I'm super vain... because I truly don't want to lose my brown hair yet. I've never had my hair dyed. Never even had highlights. So this is new territory. I have time to think about it since most of my gray is in the middle layer but it's irksome nonetheless. I have no desire to spend time or money fixing this "problem." Neither do I want to be the only gray-haired 30-something I know. If I was on my own, I don't think there would be much of an issue... but it doesn't seem like my husband should have a gray-haired wife on his arm just yet.

Speaking of the Chief, he insists that he doesn't care either way. Which, even though it's meant in a very loving way, doesn't help at all from a purely practical perspective.

I'm still open to graying naturally but I'm going to take it one day at a time. This sweet article helped me  shove my vanity under the bed for one more day. Road Maps and Silver Crowns

Feminine products. Natural is clearly better but I've tried cloth and am not a fan. I've been eyeing a product called the Diva Cup for years and, after hearing good reviews from other moms, am almost ready to start thinking about a purchase... maybe. More input would be helpful from you brave souls who would care to share. Email is cool (left sidebar). I'll take anonymous comments happily if you don't want to leave your name.

Custody of the eyes. I feel moved to say something about this... even some faithful Catholic men have a tendency to make me blush. Which is worse than being whistled at by a construction worker. Much more embarrassing. If I'm talking to a great Catholic dad who has a lovely wife and 24 children and I'm thinking "HEY! I'm up heeeere"... that's pretty frustrating. I'm sure I don't always reach the pinnacle of modesty perfection, but still... Please, talk to my face. There is currently a popular Catholic speaker who encourages a deep appreciation of the female form and thinks that men aught to be able to look with pure intentions. However... I think it would be best for a man to stick to appreciating his own wife's body.

Post-partum hair loss. Little Cub is 15 months old and my hair is finally growing back in. It looks funny because there are short bunches of hair growing around my hair line as if I cut it that way. I'm very glad it's growing back and I understand that it's normal but the one-inch growth sure is goofy looking!

Nursing bras. I have spent a literal decade of my 14 years of motherhood nursing little ones and can't stress enough the importance of a good undergarment. If you buy cheap stuff, it will wear out and fail you very quickly. It took me five babies to finally understand what a significant improvement this investment will make. My current favorite is the Bravado line from which I purchased for the first time this year. I admit it wasn't an easy purchase to make but I am quite happy with it. If you can afford it but your husband objects to the expenditure, please send him to me and I will explain a few things to him for you. If you are currently pregnant, start budgeting now for the purchase. Also, I was able to find brand new Bravado bras on eBay for almost half price which put them right about at the price of the super cheap versions with which I have settled in the past.

Valentines. Lastly, and since most of the men folk are likely frightened away by this time, I want to share a link to a lovely printable Valentine to give to our darling husbands. Hallie over at Betty Beguiles has put together a sweet letter with fill-in-the-blank prompts. It's a very simple but meaningful way to let our guys know they mean the world to us.

Posted on February 10, 2012 .