Catholic Bloggers' Colossal Share-a-Thon (& Giveaway)

I'm participating in The First EVER Catholic Bloggers' Colossal Share-a-Thon (& Giveaway) over at the Catholic Bloggers Network. Huge fun. I love having a reason to give something away; they did all the work for me and provided me with an easy 5-minute blog post. Nice!

Since my Etsy shop is sitting empty right now, I pulled these pretty bean bags out from my waiting-for-a-good-home boxes for the giveaway fun.

This is a set of four toddler-sized bean bags (approximately 4" x 5") all wrapped up and ready to give. I call them "Toddler" bean bags because they are the perfect size for carrying, tossing, and learning to catch... and because they are machine washable. I used to make bean bags with organic filling... until it became clear that toddlers will spit up, throw up, and do whatever else they need to do to saturate organic (i.e. stuff that will rot when exposed to liquids) materials. And when it's handmade, it's painful to have to throw it out.

I don't actually know how the fun over at CBN is going to roll out... I just noticed an hour ago that the deadline is tomorrow and came right here to build a link. The giveaway will be live for two weeks once it's open.

Posted on February 5, 2012 .