The Real Key to Successful Homeschooling...

My dear friend, Lena, forwarded me a link today... and here I sit in a puddle of tears. That's hardly anything new. The moment I enter the blogosphere and click on page titled anything remotely close to "Amongst Lovely Things", I know I'm at risk. It's just the good Lord touching my heart strings again through the words of one of His own. And sometimes, the words are so good and true that I have to pass them on.

In "Why I'm No Homeschool Superstar," Sarah writes...

"I have become convinced that a peaceful and happy mother is the real key to successful homeschooling. Choosing excellent materials is important, of course. Establishing a healthy daily routine is enormously helpful. Developing an active social life is essential. We can read up on every curriculum on the market, listen to webcasts, devour articles, attend conferences, participate in co-ops or support groups, and otherwise get our ducks in a perfect little row, but none of this will have the same impact on the life of a homeschooling family as a peaceful and happy mother." (Read all of it here.)

So, here I sit in puddles, struck by the absolutely truth of that statement. I know it so well. And yet I keep fighting what I know, chasing on the heels of the ideal of the "homeschool superstar." 

I am grateful to Sarah for making it plain again. And to Lena for sharing, knowing that I'd be swimming in the graces of this moment. 

As I ruminated on Sarah's post, I asked myself THE QUESTION that I always ask: What do I want my homeschool to look like? My imagination began to run and I saw a lot of smiling, and laughter; I saw gentleness, faithfulness and industriousness. In my weakness, I often think that I can force that... make it happen by putting the pieces together just so. If I only had that art program, my children would have an appreciation for great art and beauty... If I only had the perfect chore system... If I could only... whatever, fill in the blank... then I would have smiling, laughing, gentle, faithful, industrious students.

A peaceful and happy mother. Full of Grace. 

You know, I think I can do that. By the grace of God, I can. I've been dragging my heels with my New Year's resolutions and personal goal-setting. It came to me quickly and clearly last year but I've been stumbling a bit in 2012, not wanting to force what wasn't clear. Things just got a whole lot smoother. I have a beginning. 

This is not to say that I will be planning bubble baths, chocolate parties, and hours long reading sessions in bed. Not "peaceful and happy" in a sensual, secular sense but the kind that lasts and changes us. What is true about me and my household... and how will that bring us closer to our goals, to each other... and to God. 

It's time to open the floodgates of Grace. No more hesitating. 2012 is waiting... Thanks be to God!

Posted on February 6, 2012 and filed under "home education", "spiritual life".