Why Komen Flip-Flop is Actually Good News for Pro-Life

A few days ago, Komen announced that it was no longer offering grants to Planned Parenthood. I cheered and my husband cast a suspicious eye upon the whole thing. They are doing it for the wrong reasons. It won't last. It seems that he was right.

Today, Komen announced that they are going to cave to the significant pressure put on them by various groups and continue funding Planned Parenthood... even though there is evidence showing that abortions increase breast cancer and Planned Parenthood is the number one abortion provider in the world... even though Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms... even though donations increased significantly after the initial announcement of their severed ties.

The good news is that pro-life life people can no longer ignore the relationship between Komen pink and abortion. There are many Christian people out there who never got the memo, didn't read the memo, or just ignored the memo, about what has been going on. Too many people who did not want to think about the fact that their enthusiastic, well-intentioned fund-raising efforts have gone, in part, to support the murder of innocent children.

The truth is out and all over the news. Most people will now have full knowledge of these facts before they give consent, money and support. There is no excuse for pro-life people to continue to walk with Komen.

Posted on February 3, 2012 and filed under "abortion breast cancer".