Easter Baskets: Catholic Style

Last year's Easter basket adventure was a great success. The goal was to sanctify and simplify by making their baskets thematic, according to the particular personalities and charisms of their annual patron saints. This achieved the dual purpose of less stuff and more meaning, prompting Professor to pronounce it his favorite Easter basket ever.

I am not quite as organized this year and don't think I'll be sticking faithfully to the saint theme, but I would like to include at least one item that can be specifically identified with their saints, hopefully more. There's a lot of room for creativity here! I will be finalizing their baskets this week but thought I'd share some of what I have found so far. I'm hoping to stick to 3 items per basket; splurge a little on really cool items and find great deals when I can.


We wear a lot of t-shirts and hoodies in this family and are slowly trying to decrease secular logos and increase witness apparel. The Professor absolutely loves anything having to do with the liturgy and has a particular fondness for the smells and bells. He would smoke up the church daily with copious amounts of incense if he could. When the Chief and I saw this t-shirt for sale, we knew it would be a winner...

All little girls are God's princesses, right? And there is no doubt in my mind that St. Margaret of Antioch (Jellybean's 2012 patroness) is one of God's princesses, too. Sooo... I splurged on this princess dress for the 4-year old. I purchased a dress from this brand several years ago for Cookie. No itchy parts, very comfy, fully washable, and has held up prettily for a long time. I'm hoping the quality hasn't changed. This is not a full costume quality dress but very lightweight and simply constructed for day-to-day play. The one we have is actually comfortable enough to sleep in. The girl in the photo is probably wearing a petticoat as well but I doubt my girls would use it if we had one.


Since we are going big with the princess dress for Jellybean, her other two items are going to be either close-to-free or something we already have. It isn't hard to delight little girls. Maybe a stretch Rosary bracelet made by her older sister. A pack of Tic Tacs. We'll figure it out and she'll hug and thank us as if we'd just given her the world. :)

I'm really happy with the deal I found for Cookie. She loves to be in the kitchen cooking and frequently browses recipe books. I found a deal for a year of Taste of Home magazine for $3.99 which is about the cover price of one issue at the store. The deal is over but I do see it periodically pop up over at MoneySavingMom. When I put in the code 2 minutes ago, the deal came up as $5.40 which is still pretty good.

Romantic Catholic is having a fantastic sale on their t-shirts until Easter. $11.33 is hard to beat these days and I can attest to the fact that everything they sell is quality. We may buy a shirt for Cookie and Crash to put in their baskets. Here's a pic of Professor wearing one of his Romantic Catholic faves (worn and washed many, many times). LOVE the wings on the back...

Other Ideas

Easter Gifts of Gratitude (made by the children for others for Easter 2011)

Chief and I are finishing up the basket purchases soon so that we don't have to think about it during Holy Week. I'll update here (or somewhere) as I'm able.

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