Easter Egg Icons

By the time we get to our egg coloring on Holy Saturday, I'm less interested in producing fine works of art than I am in simply getting the job done and avoiding major spills. I would love to learn how to make psyanky. I would love to spend hours laboring lovingly over beautiful and symbolically rich eggs. My state in life lately, however, demands that I be content with basic color... any color will do.

My appreciation and preference for everything handmade has not dissipated. But sometimes it's okay to make that cake from a box mix, drink beverages with red dye #40, and buy socks from Walmart. Factory produced decorations on my kids eggs is just fine this year...

I have found a temporary compromise between perfectionistic egg loveliness and survival mode coloring. I spotted these beautiful icon egg wraps today. So cool. There are only seven in the pack but can you just picture them strategically placed among the kids' handiwork? Pretty! And wonderfully, beautifully, blessedly easy.

Next year, we make pysanky by hand! Or maybe, in typical "enthusiastic-but-short-on-time-and-energy-and-oh-by-the-way-I forgot-where-I-put-the-kit" fashion... I'll just keep procrastinating.
Posted on March 27, 2012 and filed under "Easter eggs", "Easter".