Gratitude and Lenten Chocolate

It has definitely been a rough couple of months. There's always a bit of a temptation to whine and be a little blinded by negative events and emotions. Thank God for blogging. It's awfully nice to have a place to visually gather and recollect blessing...

Chocolate and Friendship. I was standing in the middle of my living room today feeling a bit scattered and overwhelmed. So, instead of doing something productive, I did the easiest possible thing besides sitting down: I walked outside to get the mail. The loveliest package awaited me. A very delicious gift of love and support from Cecilia. Thank you so much, dear sister... I cried all over my Lenten chocolate. :) Would you all mind taking a moment to offer a prayer for Cecilia and her unborn baby? She has a few months to go but is eagerly awaiting her beautiful #7!

King-Sized Beds and Pint-Sized Cubs. We had the very rare and wonderful opportunity of sleeping in a king-sized bed during our recent travels. Oh, luxury!! The best part is that I was able to enjoy almost every minute of it since I hardly slept a wink. Cub was not feeling well. I was not feeling well. And it is always far better to be sick at night in a king-sized bed than anywhere else.

The Bus and Creative Children. The very best way to travel with sick children is in a spacious van with  vinyl (i.e. easily washed) seats. Crash did manage to make it to our driveway before throwing up and clever Jellybean found the perfect place to hang her baby doll for the trip. I will humbly add that this great trip of ours was only a 2-hour drive. We are not particularly good travelers.

Adoration. I was unable to attend but the Professor (left) recently had the opportunity to kneel and hold a torch before our Eucharistic Lord at all night adoration. He did not stay all night because, in our parental wisdom, we thought it wise for his sick self to get some sleep. I got an earful from this tired and hungry teenage son about how he couldn't wait until he could drive so that he could take himself to any liturgical event he wanted to go to... and wouldn't his dad and I have stayed all night if we were able?... and who's going to hold the torch when the other boys are ready to die of exhaustion? Honestly, I couldn't figure out whether to kiss him or chuck him out the window. It was a serious dilemma for about 30 seconds until I had to leave the room and have a hearty chuckle at the expense of my very dear son (who is now in a much better frame of mind and has given me his permission to share my side of this mother/son moment as long as I communicate to you that there IS another side to it all.)

Milestones for Little Cub and Re-Entry Into Social Life. This is the first time in a month, because of our illness, that the kids were able to play with their beloved cousins. It was also the first time that Cub more-or-less participated in a game of air hockey. It was a great moment in his young life.

Freedom. Oh, wait... I mean to say that Professor's club season has come to a finale. He really did a fantastic job. I'm super proud of him. The Chief had a fantastic coaching season as well (and always looks handsome with a clipboard). Having said all that, I'm glad it's over since I get to see Professor (and my husband) far more often.

I've run out of pictures since I take far fewer than I used to. My little point-and-shoot has been faithful but is failing. But this exercise has been tremendously fruitful since the gate of gratitude has been busted wide open again. We've had a belated birthday party, an amazing right to life symposium, a new CYO season begin, renewed friendships... and a light at the end of the tunnel of illness.

For all these things and the constant shower of blessing and grace and mercy upon my loved ones, I am more grateful than words can say. Thanks be to God!

Posted on March 12, 2012 and filed under "family life", "gratitude".