Introducing a Hero... to My Peevish American Sisters

I am ashamed of my American sisters who peevishly demand that other people pay for their lifestyle choices, minimize and demonize the right of conscience, and shamelessly push for overreaching government intervention. Their feminist forebears taught them how to raise their voices to demand their rights; now they use that power to trample the rights of others. We are a nation of spoiled little babies. We live so comfortably that we see a national crisis when a Catholic university doesn't include the Pill in it's student health care package.

Women's rights? American feminists should be ashamed of themselves. If they really want something to fight for, they should join forces with a real heroine like Reggie Littlejohn, founder of Women's Rights Without Frontiers. This woman is a rock star of women's rights. My 12-year old daughter heard her speak recently and stood in line to have a photo taken with her. This is the kind of woman all young girls should look up to and emulate. While the Sandra Flukes and Cecile Richards of the world wage campaigns to teach us all to whine at the first sign of discomfort, Littlejohn teaches us become real warriors of human rights.

Sandra Fluke is not a hero, but a pawn of radical feminism, Planned Parenthood, and the nanny state. It is not a basic human right to be allowed to force other people to pay for our stuff, our preferred lifestyles, or our medical care. She has become a spokesperson of the "crisis" of women not being able to afford birth control at places like... Georgetown University. I hope at some point, she is able to step back and recognize that her fight is shallow, and that there are real human rights wars to be fought that need people like her in the field. Instead of giving her best for the benefit of corrupt government power and corporate greed, she could be giving to those who truly need an advocate.

Reggie Littlejohn's war is about birth control, sterilization, and abortion. But it is vastly different from the whiny legal war that US feminists are fighting. Watch this 4 minute video about the Reggie's fight for women's rights. Follow this link to learn more about Women's Rights Without Frontiers. And please pass it all on. It helps put our sufferings and preferences in perspective, inspire gratitude, and give us courage to face the injustices in our lives. This might also be a perfect opportunity for Lenten almsgiving.

Posted on March 11, 2012 and filed under "China", "Reggie Littlejohn", "feminism".