Play Silks and Chiffons

Playsilks by Sarah's Silks

I drooled over these for a long time hoping to find a good excuse to purchase them for the girls. Then a couple years ago, I finally put together a large collection as a group Easter gift. The silks were pricey so we splurged on a set... but even that didn't seem to be quite enough fabric to cover all the children involved. I did some more looking and decided to supplement the silk purchase with cuts of chiffon fabric. The result was a very functional, fun and attractive selection of fabrics... large enough and with enough variety to cover all the children playing at the same time.


These are available at any number of natural child stores online. I have no idea where I ended up making the purchase but it may have been an Etsy seller. There are lots to be had there. Do buy them as big as you can. We ended up with a couple handkerchief sized silks in our lot and they are largely useless for dress up (although still pretty).

I would have loved to dye my own but it was not to be. If you have the time and desire, here is a great tutorial at Gerbera Designs for dying your own with Kool-Aid.

Kool-Aid dyed play silks from Gerbera Daisy


I first had the idea for using chiffon while checking out the silks on Etsy. I saw this shop stocked with so many gorgeous, flowing cuts of fabric and knew it would be a hit. I also knew that I could buy the yardage for much less when purchased (with coupons) at a fabric shop. My original plan was to cut it into half yards but I left the full yards as soon as I saw how gorgeously long and flowing the cuts were! It was a good choice and the big fabric pieces have been used to make houses and gowns, picnic blankets and capes.

Chiffon Play silks from DreamSpunKids

The biggest problem with the chiffon I purchased (although it is gorgeous) is that the edges should really be either heat sealed or hemmed. I did neither because it was a big job and I just didn't feel like starting. The edges have held up surprisingly well and only recently really started to fray. My plan is to trim about 2 inches off the edges and finish the hems the way I should have done it the first time. Maybe I'll start next week. Or next year. We'll see.

Our bag of silks and chiffons is one of the most used and enjoyed toys in our home. I originally purchased them for the girls but the boys have been seen adorning themselves as Roman soldiers, knights and princes. (The deep red chiffon is a favorite for all of these since it is not such a girly color and rather long.)

Little Cub dressed and equipped for some kind of battle...
red chiffon and yellow silk

Queen Jellybean
Two purple silks, white silk, purple chiffon
Green silk used for pin the halo on St. Francis
on All Saints' Day

Princess Button
Yellow, teal and green silk with green chiffon
for the skirt and blue chiffon for the veil

Posted on March 20, 2012 .