Elimination Diet Day #3: Carb Flu

What I really, really, very much want today. I put it here to laugh at it. Ha! The cake or my health? Bring on the carrots!


Thank you to everyone who commented your experiences and suggestions on my last post. Very helpful and encouraging stuff! I'm so grateful that you took the time to comment.

On to Day #3 ...

I woke up feeling extremely warm and transferred myself to the couch to cool down. I felt slightly unwell and it occurred to me that I ought to eat something but I was too tired to get up and do it. Within ten minutes I felt extremely ill and my heart was racing and pounding. Fortunately, I had prepared a breakfast smoothie the night before to be used this morning... but I could hardly make it to the kitchen. My hands and feet were going numb and I was relatively sure that I was going to pass out.

I microwaved the smoothie for 60 seconds (a VERY long minute in my opinion) as I sat with my head between my knees. I made it back to the couch and drank it up. Then I had Professor get me another serving. And another. Slowly, I recovered myself but still felt ill, exhausted, and nauseous.

As soon as I was able, I forced an egg down. When lunch time arrived I was not really hungry but forced myself to eat and I made the decision to include some white potato with my protein in spite of the fact that I had wanted to include it in the elimination. I knew I had to drive the kids around today and it was a reasonable carb compromise.

Within half an hour of eating, my inner ear was swollen to the point of impaired hearing and my asthma was bothering me. I had not had these symptoms since I started this diet (only two days ago, I know, but still.).

I did not expect to get the carb flu because I misunderstood it. It just seemed to me like people weren't eating the right foods or weren't eating enough. However, I now know differently. I consumed significantly more calories in the previous two days than I normally eat with no additional exercise. I ate a healthy balance of foods: eggs, chicken, bacon, asparagus, carrots, nuts, tomatoes, all kinds of fruits, high fat dairy. Just no processed carbs. And I still got sick because my body was used to something very different.

Another interesting thing is that I have noticed a significant decrease in "puffiness" everywhere and particularly in my hands and feet. Two days is not long enough to lose much weight (which is not my goal anyway) and particularly when my calorie consumption has sky-rocketed; so I have to assume the decrease in water retention is related to the alteration in my diet.

Tomorrow, I forgo potatoes and focus on an increase in fruit and veggies.

Posted on April 13, 2012 and filed under nutrition, fitness.