Goodbye Pizza

Goodbye, pizza... your ship has sailed. For now.

I am currently on day 2 of my elimination diet... which I have not written about before today. The reason I have not written about it is because I don't have a super specific plan. I've been mulling the idea over for many months but have been unable to bring myself to a place where I can actually give up most of the food that I regularly eat. My will power has now shifted and I chalk it up to one simple thing: desperation.

After many years of searching and thousands of dollars spent in medical bills, my symptoms seem to only be getting worse. I am reluctant to spend another dime with another specialist. I know what my symptoms are and don't need another doctor to confirm them. It's time for the dreaded elimination diet.

At the very least, I will be eating healthier than I have in many years. At best, my body will have the opportunity to heal and finally make progress toward greater health and energy.

My symptoms come and go but flare-ups have been brutal. I call the worst moments my "allergy flu" because it really is like having the flu. Joint and muscle inflammation and pain (sometimes leading to injury). Extreme fatigue. Congestion. Painful asthma. Difficulty swallowing. Stomach pain. Headaches. Insomnia. Other than that, I'm technically in very good health and also at a healthy weight.

So, here I go. I've cut out most processed foods, including wheat and all processed sugar. The diet looks very much like Paleo but it's not my intention to "go Paleo"... my food choices right now just happen to look a lot like it. I have not cut out dairy but I have reduced it. If I get further in and find that I should try dairy elimination, I will, but not yet. I've researched foods that are widely known to trigger inflammation and have cut those out (mostly) as well.

Day #1: I was mostly just hungry. All I could think about was cookies. Seriously. And I don't even eat cookies very often. But I loved what I did eat and ate my nitrite-free organic bacon guilt-free for the first time ever.

Day #2: I love food. I love all kinds of food. I actually really like meat and veggies and fruit in a plain kind of way... but my cereal and cookie craving is intense. The Chief took me shopping last night and I picked out some lovely foods. I have to say that everything does look delicious. I had hardboiled eggs with tomatoes for lunch and it is something I have always liked to eat.

I'm excited about eating well regardless of what happens. The abundance of Paleo recipe sites has been a gold mine. I don't intend to try flour replacements or gluten-free cake mixes. I will just go simple for the month and then reintroduce reasonably.

Why blog about it? Accountability! One of my very favorite words. Where would I be without it? I shudder to think. If I flop completely before the end of this month, I will post it on this blog... and then the next time I'm curled up on my bed in pain, I can consider what I've publicly written and what it's all worth to me.

One more thing I want to say... SMOOTHIES. They rock. And since I've already burned out the motor of one blender, I'm adding a Vitamix to my wish list.

Posted on April 12, 2012 and filed under "diet", "health".