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Cookie and Jellybean

Easter Vigil pics. Professor might not appreciate being lumped into the "pretty" category but mamas can do stuff like that. And, as a stretch, I can certainly say that it was "pretty" wonderful to see him serving so well during this beautiful liturgy.


Oh man, did these cool egg wrappers make me happy! Beautiful Catholic icons and Bob the Tomato.
Can it get better than that? I don't know. Incidentally, the beautiful blue Madonna egg on top was the very last of 8 dozen eggs to be eaten.

We made lots of these fun cookies this year and ate my fair share as well. I brought a large platter to the family festivities and the kids and cousins ate them in record time. If we had made twice the number, I suspect they would have been eaten just as quickly. :)


I have no idea why she struck this pose. Perhaps it was an instinctive reaction to the abundance of processed sugars she was in the midst of consuming. But probably not.

This is one of my favorite sibling photos of all time. Little Cub planting a happy kiss on his big "bubba"



running Calvary hill

Holy Week Stations of the Cross. The kids sing with a small homeschool Schola Cantorum and instead of canceling practice for Holy Week, the director suggested practicing Lenten hymns for an hour and then singing the Stations of the Cross. It worked out beautifully even with the dampness and chill. 
The sounds of young people singing Latin hymns because they want to is something. I regret not bringing my video camera.

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Posted on April 19, 2012 .