The Horse Show: A Training Ground for Virtue, Endurance, and Dirt Tolerance...

Holy Week has arrived and I'll be doing a little blog fasting until Easter. Before I do, I'm posting some weekend photos. It was a rough one in some ways but a joyful one. As my health is taking a seasonal beating from the increase in environmental allergens, I've been a little... grumpy. But the blessings continue to rain down and by His  grace I am grateful for all of it. I pray that my family forgives my lack of patience in the past week... and I think they have. Everyone awakened today with smiles and memories full of the sweetness of the week's blessings and adventures.

Signing off now for this solemn week... see you on the other side, when the lilies blossom and the stone is rolled away.

The Horse Show: A Training Ground for Virtue, Endurance, and Dirt Tolerance...

Little Cub shows me a bit of hay that he desperately wants to fee to the horse behind him. I say "no" because that's what the sign says (OBEDIENCE).

Don't pet the "attack goats"... unless the sign is a mostly a joke and mom knows it. 
Do be aware that goats will eat anything including shoelaces and the number bibs the kids had tied around their wastes. 

It takes some moxie for a little person to ride alone for the first time into a quiet arena... and to keep trying even when her horse doesn't want to. It helped that she rescued her number from the goats. That took some courage, too.

After finding his brothers ipod in the van during a lunch break, he only played with it for a little while.

She loves her little brother so much that she does not want him to be overcome by greed. She very thoughtfully helped him limit his time with the device by taking on the burden herself.

The smile returned to his face as he added a blue ribbon to his stash. But we must assume that the smile would have been there even with no ribbon, eh? 

The ones who have the least of it in family life are often required to exhibit the most of it. He did just fine... but everyone has their limits. Home, sweet, home.

(not a virtue)
I am astonished by how filthy we all were by the end of the day. And my brand new shiny white tennies... *sigh* They never do stay white long but it was a trial to see them slowly transformed to a warm brown. And the children? Between intentionally kicking dirt, playing in it, unintentionally rubbing their faces with it, and riding horses that regularly roll in it... it just seemed to me that my kids got a little dirtier than everyone else's....

.... and hopefully, we'll have the chance to do it all again someday.

Posted on April 2, 2012 .