Pro-Life Banana Phone

This is not going to be a boring week, that's for sure. We have embarked on a journey of FUN proportions and the "Pro-Life Banana Phone" (above) is only the tip of the iceberg. Professor wanted to sign up for the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week Photo Scavenger Hunt this year. So he did. Or rather, WE did. This is not a one man job. Especially since he doesn't own a vehicle. If he wins the Kindle, he'll have to let me use it at least every other day. :)

We have also entered the video contest. If we make it to the finals, I'll definitely back here begging for your vote!

I'll have to share some of the best photos of this week's journey after the judging is complete. This boy, who clung desperately and silently to me for the first 3 years of his life, has grown up to be quite the ham. He certainly won't lose this contest for lack of personality or confidence.  We were in a public park today taking some photos and I was urging him to strike some poses for the assigned tasks.
"No, mom... not here. I want to go to the mall to do those." Why the mall? "There are far more people at the mall." My darling little wallflower.

And on the off chance that any of you know where he can get his hands on a head of Romanesco or dragon fruit, he'd be mighty grateful!

Posted on April 23, 2012 .