The Trouble With Easter Candy

The love of candy causes children to do terribly strange things. You know those chocolate foil-covered eggs and bunnies? Please tell me my toddlers aren't be the only ones who have been willing to chew the foil like bubble gum in order to access the chocolate inside. At any rate, here's another doozy....

Jellybean is always in search of band-aids for her little cuts and dings, so someone thought it would be fun to buy her a package of chocolate band-aids for eating during those traumatic moments. She naturally wanted to eat them all immediately so I told her no... and in a moment of monumental motherhood stupidity, I told her she could only have them when she has a boo boo. (Can any of you veteran moms see where this is going?)

So I'm eating lunch peacefully today when Button comes flying into the kitchen:
Mommy! Mommy! Jellybean is trying to hurt herself!
What??? What do you mean?
She wants one of her chocolate band-aids and she said you told her she had to be hurt first. 
No! No! No! Stop her!

Button rushes from the kitchen and I hear her yell...

No, No, Jellybean! Stop banging your head against the table! 

Seriously, folks... this is a scary honest glimpse into the depths of the 4-year old psyche when faced with a box of chocolate. As soon as I was sure she was in no actual danger, I burst into a fit of giggles from which I have hardly recovered.

I discussed the incident with her later and she assured me that she would never do it again. She also said, "Don't worry... I only get hurt when I'm not trying."
Posted on April 10, 2012 and filed under "family life".