7 Quick Takes : Pro-Life T-Shirt Contest Edition

Joining Jennifer at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday...


We just got word that Professor won the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week scavenger hunt sponsored by American Life League (ALL). We had such a great time doing this along with a boatload of pictures and tons of funny memories.

The rules were simple. Complete as many of the 180 tasks as possible during National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week. Wear the shirt. Take pictures. Simple... but not easy! I remember the moment when Professor decided to go through with it. We had purchased two shirts and had received the first 90 or so tasks. It occurred to us for the first time that we were perhaps biting off a little more than we could chew.

You sure you wanna do this? 
 (extended silence) I think so. What do you think?
I'm game but you have to make a firm decision because this has to be all or nothing. It's not as if we have a bunch of time to throw away.
Let's do it.

A sinus infection, cow, senator, and 170 tasks later, we uploaded the last of our photos and threw our shirts in the laundry. It has been a fantastic experience. Very highly recommended to any pro-life family. Thank you, American Life League!!


One of the most valuable aspects of this competition was the experience of taking the pro-life message into the public eye...


This is one of my favorite photos. The Professor had to strike a Luke Skywalker pose in a mall or public park. The Chief set up the shot and we laughed so hard when we saw it on the computer. Something about those mannequins just strikes me as so android.


Here is another favorite. This is the Hadouken Street Fighter pose in a public park. I was taking the shot of Professor and Cookie and I noticed a little blue blip in the middle of the screen; I only discovered what Cub had been doing after I uploaded the shot later. He clearly wanted in on the action. I could not have planned it better myself.


Professor ended up winning by a narrow 8 points. Interestingly, that was the point value of the task of shaking hands with a state senator... which we accomplished in an 11th hour dash to the home of Senator Tom Patton. He was literally in the act of packing up his car to leave town and took the time to return our call and invite us over to his home. He told us that he would wait for us to arrive and then would leave immediately for the state capital. I threw the kids in the car (almost literally) and we battled rush hour for the trip. I am grateful to Senator Patton for his generosity but even more for his solid pro-life beliefs and voting record.


Not every photo required a public venue or outreach. Here are a couple of my favorite domestic shots...

Really... this does take some fun-loving spirit...


There are so many more photos that will bring back great memories for our family. The late night trip to a national monument. The search for a cow. Chasing down the mailman. The pro-life Mrs. Potato head. The many generous people we met in our adventures who took a moment to pause for a photo or lend a hand. 

The experience was a wonderful time for our family but more importantly, it increased our commitment to pro-life work. Every person, born and unborn, is created and loved by God. Staying silent while our brothers and sisters in Christ are brutalized and destroyed is not acceptable. The funny photos are a good way to share the joy of this work... but in the end, it really takes incredible courage and great love to stand up and be a voice. Lord, grant us the grace we need to love enough!

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