My Relationship With Bacon...

Bacon Strips "Anatomy of Perfection" by TheWordShop

A month ago, you could not have convinced me that I would ever be happy to cook a pan of bacon. Or that I would inhale it as soon as it hit my plate. Or that I would feel no guilt about it at all. And suffer no stomach ache as a result of my indulgence. Aaah... bacon!

Before I began this elimination diet, I viewed foods like bacon as the enemy and I actually didn't really enjoy eating it. My stomach felt uncomfortable when I consumed it... like the way it feels after I eat a big doughnut (or two). Things have changed, however, and I am now a bacon lover, my stomach handles it just fine, and I eat it guilt-free.

I don't know why this change has come about but my working hypothesis is that my body, since I have eliminated processed foods, has naturally begun to crave real foods. Real nutrients. Healthy fats. I come to the table hungry and leave satisfied. I consume more calories and fat than I did before and yet my weight stays steady and healthy. As I reported at the beginning of this trial period, I actually lost 5 pounds of retained water during the first week. Imagine losing 5 pounds of anything while indulging in bacon!

Can bacon possibly be healthy? We do purchase the pricier organic, nitrate-free bacon which makes it sound a little better.  I have also been doing some reading which suggests that the fat in bacon is similar to the wonderfully healthy fat of olive oil. Admittedly, I can find a negative article for every positive one I read and admit that I find it all confusing. The long and short of it is that I can't imagine that it's any worse for me than all the garbage I was previously consuming. And... it doesn't appear that my body objects. Quite the opposite.

I'm now waiting for my body to start craving brussel sprouts... but I'm not holding my breath.
Posted on May 4, 2012 .