7QT: Keeping My Big Mouth Shut (or not)

Various ways in which I am learning the appropriate time for keeping my big mouth shut (or not)...


Social eating challenges. My journey to health through dietary restrictions (or rather, embracing only foods that don't cause chaos in my body) has rewarding, but also rather challenging. I have literally salivated in the face of a bowl of potato chips (but not into the bowl of chips, thankfully). I have actually had dreams at night in which I ate forbidden food constantly until I awakened.

In spite of the obvious challenge of doing without that which I very much enjoy, I have done fine. The most difficult challenge has actually been a social one. Being in the midst of a celebratory and feasting group of people I love, without eating, is somewhat isolating. It is frustrating to not be able to honor the hostess' careful efforts by enjoying her food. It feels rude. And I fully admit that my pride is touched at the thought of standing out in that way. So, unexpectedly, this becomes a journey of humility.


The longer I homeschool, the less I like institutional methods. I think it's a natural effect of living a beautiful lifestyle that I love and advocate. It is getting a bit harder for me to be understanding and tolerant of pushy institutional educators who don't understand, nor have an interest in understanding, the blessing of our lifestyle. Since I don't want to be an obnoxious person, I am learning to temper my intellectual and emotional attachment to home education with a heavy dose of charity. Not always successfully. Particularly when faced with angst-filled institutional fervor. But that's when I get to practice the virtue of... keeping my big mouth shut.


The Chief and I do not argue very often... but it does happen. I freely admit that I am responsible for about 90% of our arguments. You see, even when I know he's wrong, I don't usually gain anything by letting him know. The vast majority of the time, simply remaining silent for a little while solves everything. It gives me the time I need to recognize either that I'm actually wrong or... he's still wrong but it's not worth an argument.


This is the song that I prefer to bellow while I do the dishes... until Professor comes along and tells me that Mozart is far better for my intellectual development. Then I sing louder so that I can't hear my teenage son lecture me about music.


I must tell someone about this beautiful painting that I discovered on Etsy. Every once in a while I punch in a search using terms like "pro-life" and "Catholic" to see what beautiful new work people are creating. This portrait captured me. In the artist's description, she writes:

"I wanted to paint a portrait of peace for those parents who lost their most precious souls in the world. A painting that when they look at it, especially the mothers that carried them, will know that their child is safe, loved, and protected forever in heaven in our Savior's arms..."

Read more about Laura D'Onofrio's "The Most Precious" HERE.


It is a Murphy's Law of my homeschool that, if I do lose my cool and raise my voice, it will be when the windows are open and the mailman is right outside the door.


Professor is beginning his high school journey (home based) this Summer and I am full of words, words, words about how I think all of this is going to go. Truth be told, I have a faint vision and a paper plan... but I am as curious as anyone to see how it is going to unfold. There is almost too much opportunity, if that makes any sense. Because we're not restricted by someone else's plan, the possibilities are extensive; a step left or right changes the entire image. So, if I tell you that I'm close to a concrete plan, I'm telling you the truth. If I tell you that I have any idea what that is going to look like, be suspicious.

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