Not Supermom.

I broke my wonderful van. I'm not going to tell you what I did. That would be too humiliating. I'll just give you a big clue in the photo. If you know anything about vehicles at all, you'll get it right away.

I was trying so hard to be a good mom that day. I was prepared and focused. I was Supermom. And then... I was broken down with six kids in a giant white van in the middle of a busy intersection during rush hour traffic.

Many people were incredibly good to me that day, including the Chief, who had every reason to be furious but who chose to be cheerful and charming and encouraging instead. I'm going to be the object of jokes related to the incident for the rest of my life... but I can live with that.

The most challenging thing for me is knowing how much money I have thrown away in a moment of stupidity. I was stunned when I learned what I had done. It felt pretty awful to be directly responsible for the hefty bill which my hard-working husband has to foot. On the bright side, the engine still runs. Time will tell if some related automotive parts will need to be replaced.

I am so sorry to my husband for the hefty repair bill and disruption in his work day at an outrageously inconvenient time. Sorry to my son who had to miss a meeting for which he had spent a great deal of time preparing. Sorry to those with whom he was meeting who had to change plans at the last minute. I'm sorry to the residents of my city who had to find a way through the traffic confusion and for compromising their safety. (You know, when I waved people around the van, I didn't mean that they should hurl their vehicles into oncoming traffic.) I'm sorry to the policeman for being a flustered flake while he was trying to help me. I'm sorry to the insurance lady on whom I accidentally hung up. Sorry to my brother-in-law who took time away from other responsibilities to drive some of my kids home. And to my sister-in-law for unexpectedly having to add several children to her household responsibilities. I'm sorry to my father-in-law who took time to come and help and generously went without his car the next day so that we could have one.

And I'm so grateful to everyone for their generosity and kindness. I'm particularly thankful to my heavenly Father who kept us all safe... and humble.

Posted on June 12, 2012 and filed under "family life".