Weekend Wrap: Hair, Spontaneous Acts, and Good Reads

Totally random weekend stuff that will never make it onto the blog if I don't do it right now...

Haircut. I have never had a boy with so much hair at Cub's age. I loved his mop top and wasn't planning on cutting it close. Until... we had 90 degree weather for a straight week and he just looked so warm and sweaty all the time. If I was a boy, I would totally cut all my hair off. So here are the before and after shots. And yes, he does like it... and yes, Cookie and I were slightly emotionally affected by the change...



Mr. Spontaneous my husband is not. Consequently, he greatly surprised us on Saturday by announcing his intention to take us to see the fireworks in a nearby city. (Mind you, he is a fire chief, so we do see his city's show every year making this trip extra surprising.) I was sweaty and grubby from a full day of working around the house and thought that, of all days to surprise us with spontaneity, this was not the best one. But I didn't want to kill the moment and so we all piled in the car and went.

This is the initial van chaos. I think Crash was howling. Jellybean was... well, I honestly don't know what she was doing. I just heard commotion in the van, thought I would take a random picture to match the moment, stuck my hand in the van, pressed the button, and this is what developed...

The spontaneous moment yielded lovely fruits and multiple photo ops that I repeatedly messed up. My point-and-shoot is 7 years old and failing. hint. hint. hint.

The Chief and I finding a romantic spot between the telephone poll and street lights. Hey, when you're as in love as we are, any spot is romantic, eh? :)

Little Cub was initially completely terrified by the fireworks. He kept telling me to take him the "other way" and I kept trying to convince him that the giant explosions weren't actually scary. After a while, Chief took over and Cub forgot to be afraid.

Summertime. Time for young lads to learn how to assault siblings with streams of water from the safety of their... buckets. Incidentally, he sat in that bucket for an hour and just watched life happen around him.

Crash served his 4th Mass ever today... completely by himself. I don't know where the 8 scheduled servers were (swimming, baseball, youth conference?) but my little guy stood in for every one of them. Father looked a tad nervous, giving me a "well, here we go" kind of look before the entrance procession.  Crash looked a bit nervous, giving me a look in which he tried to convey confidence but which betrayed other emotions as well.

I shouldn't have worried. All went well. In fact, he loved it because he got to do everything. Just like his older brother. Guess that's not such a bad thing. :)

Played around with OLLY a bit more on Saturday and I'm loving it. For those of you waiting for an update, I will be offering one within the next couple of days.

Cookie and I made a boatload of these flower clips for the Christmas craft show last year. The bad news was that we sold... two. The good news is that we have pretty hair accessories in every color of the rainbow! And we are rather fond of roses. I wasn't sure about brown roses initially, but I do think it looks rather pretty on her...

Best read of the week. Don't miss it. Written by a priest. A pastor. Here's a snippet, because I know once you read this you will want to read the rest to find out what Father intends to do to make a change in his parish....

"Catholic schools, by and large, have become failures themselves. There are some splendid Catholic schools, but in my experience of 40 years in ministry, increasingly, especially in large urban areas, Catholic schools have become inexpensive private schools for middle class people who have little or no interest in the Catholic faith,maintained at great expense by Catholic parishes. Catholic schools are, for the most part, over. 

We may have a few parish schools still plugging along, but are they Catholic? It seems that all we have left to us is the threadbare cousin. All our resources and energies go to maintaining the private school in the building next to the church. While the world is starving for Christ, we are giving them bingo and bratwurst, raffles and dinner dances, all to keep the school going. "

The article quoted above is apparently no longer available from the source where I first read it. I changed the link... you should be able to read it now.

Posted on June 24, 2012 .