When the years pass in a moment...

At a friend's home for a May Crowning. Cub clings to me tightly as children run and squeal and swirl about us. He loves it all... from the safety of mama's arms. Then he sees the tricycle. And if he does have a mama, he forgets about her for a little while. But she doesn't miss the way he rides and rides and rides without moving an inch. He laughs when the children laugh. He squeals when they squeal. But he doesn't run with them. He rides.

You're doing a great job, son! I say. He flashes me a look that says he knows all about the great job he's doing. In my imagination, I see the years fly past; my breath catches and my heartbeat quickens. The eye of my soul sees a glimpse of the joys and the heartaches, the laughter and the wounds. I look away quickly... and grab my camera.

Posted on June 10, 2012 and filed under "family life".