7QT: On Kindles, Volleyball, and Pinterest


I have been dreaming of becoming a Kindle owner and thanks to Professor's double win during American Life League's Pro-Life T-Shirt Week, I finally have one in hand. We are a book-lovin' family and these Kindles are just another way to work reading into our sometimes busy lives. Some thoughts and features of the Kindle Fire:

*Book borrowing. Once a month privilege from Amazon. Not all books are available but enough are to make this a useful feature.
* TONS of great free books and documents. For example, Professor just downloaded the U.S. Constitution (FYI...no amendments in the free version), Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers, free of charge. Pretty much all the Dickens books (and many, many classics) are free. I believe I saw the Summa Theologica for 99 cents!
*Flipboard App... I like the having the ability to scroll through the headlines of all my favorite feeds with the touch of a finger. free. (Conversion Diary on FlipBoard shown above)
*Angry Birds. It's the new solitaire. Don't worry, I have the free version... and I can step away from the device whenever I want to. :)
*We have made one purchase. Professor requested the Ignatius Bible and it has been a good investment.

I'm still learning the ropes but I am delighted with my first fancy pants eReader.

New digs for the boys. It's only taken, oh, about 2 years to get it done. We are a slow and careful people. Or maybe just slow. Thanks so much to our dear friends who helped us reach this long awaited goal!


If you haven't seen Professor's winning video yet, please take a peek. If you like it, please share it. :)


Beach volleyball. My absolute favorite sport to play. Yes, I agree... the ultra bikini thing at the higher levels is unfortunate. But add some fabric and it's a great sport.

I had been on a lengthy hiatus from all things volleyball while I dealt with chronic inflammation and injury. After having been on my elimination diet for about 3 months, my body feels ten years younger. (Okay, maybe 6 or 7 years younger.) So yesterday, when I took Cookie to her matches, I had the opportunity to play around on the court a bit...

Sand in the eyes. Sand in the teeth. Sand in the ears. Sand in the hair. Hot sun beating down on everything. Let it be known that I am not a big fan of this 90 degree weather... but I'll hold my tongue if I get to play!

When I said that I feel years younger physically, I wasn't exaggerating. As a teenager, I used to wonder how the adults could just sit around all the time and gab. I secretly vowed that I would never become that kind of adult. And then I became that kind of adult. But I have noticed recently a slightly increasing desire to leave the patio chair and pick up a ball... or play keep-away in the pool with the kids... or even go for a run. (Okay, that last one is stretching it, but my mind is there.)

I am by no means a health nut, but I have made dietary changes that have literally changed my life in a number of ways. I am in the middle of a process of healing... and I wonder how many others there are out there whose health is significantly impacted by what they eat. And perhaps they are sitting around wondering why they feel so sluggish and lousy all the time.


Source: seefritz.com via Melody on Pinterest

I am enjoying Pinterest immensely. I feel no pressure there. It's like bookmarking for the visual person. And I have to share that I've been putting together the loveliest virtual birthday party there that will be becoming reality sometime next month. We are a Miss Suzy lovin' family and recommend that if you haven't read the book... you should. :)


Professor's first official paycheck! Refereeing beach volleyball games is a pretty good gig if you don't mind the sun. Refereeing indoor volleyball games is a pretty good gig if you don't mind insane parents.


Today is the feast of my patroness, St. Maria Goretti. On CatholicCulture.org I read, "... Maria was well known to her neighbors for her cheerfulness..." and I started laughing out loud. I have sought her intercession for many things, but it has never occurred to me to ask for help in this particular matter. Dearest St. Maria, please pray for me! I want to be known to the neighbors (and my family) for my cheerfulness.  (Or perhaps I should take this up with St. Jude?)

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