7QT: When Life Hands You Lemons Edition

~ 1 ~

With bills adding up and a few minor disasters (trips to the ER, sick vehicles, plumbing fail, etc.), I've been thinking seriously about going 100% homemade or practical needs (i.e. need new socks?) for Christmas. I think this is completely doable and I'm actually excited about the great excuse to get crafty. I've already stockpiled a sizable list of inexpensive projects and have been admiring quite a few more on Pinterest. An example...

I already have the fabric and pillowcases are not particularly time-consuming. I thought these were darling... think I would add a snap zipper to the pocket to prevent lost treasures. I really can't share any more with you just in case the recipients drop by the blog. I'll have to do a post-Christmas handmade Christmas super post.

~ 2 ~

Little Cub wandered downstairs after waking yesterday morning. His diaper weighed about 10 pounds when he walked into the kitchen so I took it off of him immediately and stepped out of the room to grab a diaper. I was gone no longer than 5 seconds and no further than 15 feet when I heard... splashing. I know that sound. A full bladder emptied onto the kitchen floor. Okay... at least it's not on the carpet.

While I was mopping up the toddler pee, Jellybean spilled her cereal milk all over the table, chair, and floor.

While I was cleaning up the spilled milk, Cub emptied an entire gallon bag of fish crackers onto the floor. I poured a new bowl of milk for Jellybean which she promptly ate and left for me to clean up.

While I was cleaning up the fish crackers, Cub climbed onto the kitchen table and began vigorously splashing in the remains of the Jellybean's bowl of cereal milk.

While I was cleaning up a sticky Cub, I heard the sound of Button crying in the living room. More on that in #3.

The good news is that I was able to laugh about it pretty much immediately and blog about it within 24 hours.

~ 3 ~

The Chief is not a fan of lake swimming. He thinks it's dirty, particularly in our section of Lake Erie. He's correct. And as cities make more efforts to cut expenses, infrastructure maintenance decreases... and more sewage and other yuck makes its way into our lovely lake.

Knowing this about my husband and our lake, I did not push to allow the kids to swim last weekend and we were content with splashing about. In spite of my caution, Button was splashed in the ear at one point and ended up developing a major middle ear AND outer ear infection from the lake bacteria.

We are almost always able to defeat ear infections with a little warm garlic oil. I applied it multiple times along with a warm compress. This tried and true method failed because of the outer ear infection which almost completely blocked up the ear with swelling. The doc couldn't even get the otoscope in her ear. 

The good news is that we now have a couple of prescription antibiotics and a healing child. But the infection is a doozy. And one week after our lake trip, she's still in pain and only recently defeated the fever. Lake bacteria fever... *shudder*

~ 4 ~

A family of 8 with no shower or bath tub. Yup. We're a stinky bunch. Plumbing disaster. And it'll be a couple weeks before we're fixed.

The good news is that we know generous people who don't mind having us troupe in and take over their shower for a little while.

The other good news is that I get a new shower. We've needed one. And I'm sorry that we have to get it under the circumstances. And I'm sorry that the bill is going to prematurely age my sweet husband. But a new shower will be lovely. :)

~ 5 ~

I've been busy freaking out about planning for high school for Professor. I put together a "to buy" list a couple months ago and was just dragging my feet about the purchases since I couldn't find anything used or on sale. As other needs have come up, the book list price tag has become cringeworthy... but my patience has paid off. Between eBay and Cathswap, I saved $140.

~ 6 ~

The kids wanted a pinata at the Miss Suzy party we're throwing for Jellybean. No, no, I said. Expensive stuff that turns into trash in 95 seconds. Crafty bloggers to the rescue! I am, as I write, patiently waiting for our second layer of paper mache to dry. Photos to come eventually. :)

~ 7 ~

My diet is going fine... other than the fact that I've been living on nuts, berries, milk, and eggs, with bacon or burger thrown in here and there. When we get busy, I have great trouble planning for myself as well as the children. The good news is that I feel pretty good and have more energy (in spite of my odd diet). Additionally, my body has adapted so that I am capable of going very long periods of time without food. When I was a carb addict, I had to eat, like, every 5 minutes, or I'd get all dizzy and nauseous. This state is much better. I think I have to stop using the word "diet" though because it is misunderstood by the children to mean "trying to lose weight." I'll have to go with something easier to understand, such as: Mommy can't eat anything that Daddy eats.

I think this will have to be my birthday cake...

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Posted on July 20, 2012 .