In the Mailbox and on the Agenda...

No time to blog today, but I'm here anyway. Lots of homeschooling goodies from the mail to play with, party games to make, volleyball practice to drag drive everyone to...

High School Goodies

Science Shepherd
Biology. Decided to go with this program because it offers DVD labs just in case any of the kids have no interest in actually dissecting anything. Truth be told, I hated dissection and am not convinced it was at all necessary to my well being in any way other than to be able to say that I did it. In fact, I can still smell that smell omitted by the fetal pigs in biology class... my breakfast is feeling restless. And no, I didn't break the jaw myself. I was completely and stereotypically negative girly about it. So... we have options for the kids. For the record, I will absolutely purchase the dead animals and whatnot for them to cut up if they wish. In the garage. They are also welcome to pursue any further interest at the local community college if they really want to. Student-led learning all the way. Parent directed. Which means that if you lead me to a place that smells like deceased fetal pigs, I will direct you to remove them from my presence.

- Found the text (normally $70) for $40 shipped on ebay. Wish I could find the rest of the materials at such a discount!

The Elegant Essay
- IEW rocks. I think the Professor will really enjoy this.

IEW Student Writing Intensive Level C Continuation Course
- This will follow Elegant Essay. It wasn't needed immediately but I found it for $100 off on Cathswap. The first part of this program was excellent. Highly recommended.

Miss Suzy Projects

firefly lights
- Almost party time. Our pinata is coming along. It has been filled with candy and now I'm just waiting for the strips covering the hole to dry. Then I'll paint it to look like the dollhouse spider and the kids will be able to whack at it with a broom. Not understanding the reference? You should read Miss Suzy! Or have it read to you here on YouTube.

- Almost finished with my "Pin the Party Hat on Miss Suzy" poster. Ready to tie the tulle on our firefly lights. Printed out the scavenger hunt papers. Aprons are done. Menu ingredients being organized...  we will, of course, have an "acorn cake". The kids spent half an hour yesterday coaxing acorns out of our oak trees to use for party games. They are still somewhat green but I'm going to toast them in the oven a bit to make sure we aren't harboring any bugs... perhaps they'll turn brown there? I have no idea.


- *sigh* I love it. I hate it. Some moments I feel as if we are enslaved. Others it is a joy and I feel that it opens up many new and good avenues for the kids. Our culture is not into moderation in youth sports. Excellence in competitive youth anything is difficult to achieve without an all or nothing approach. We are fundamentally opposed to "all" so we are constantly fighting a system that is designed to consume us. One step at a time. *sigh*

- On a positive note, Professor was invited to attend a rather exclusive camp this week. He received a partial scholarship and we allowed him to go for it. He is only one of ten kids in attendance and eight of them flew in from outside the United States. The other guy from the US has been a member of the Junior National team multiple times. Great kid. Cancer survivor. It's been a great experience and Professor is even learning some Spanish. :) He trains for six hours each day and then comes home to regularly scheduled Summer programming each night. A pro-life meeting. A Catholic boys' club event. Job refereeing beach volleyball play-offs. Family events. He told me that this is his "free-for-all week" where he literally doesn't have to do anything but do stuff he wants to do... and promised me that he would make up for it next week. Indeed!

- Gearing up for some Olympic volleyball fun. Incidentally, this is one of those few sports that does not seem to be plagued by drug abuse. Hopefully, that clean streak will continue. Here's a little 2008 USA gold replay...

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