Miss Suzy Aprons

We are generally pretty low key about birthdays around here but this year I'm stepping a tad out of my comfort zone and going theme party. It won't be a big party but I hope it will be sweet and fun and memorable for the kids and their cousins. Jellybean will be five... that's a pretty big deal. And since I haven't thrown a theme-type party in at least a decade, I'd say it's about time.

The theme will be the charming Miss Suzy and I've been steadily collecting ideas on my Miss Suzy Party Pinterest board. I am rather excited to see it all put together. The first of my prep work is complete. We have four little girls in the family who definitely need a Miss Suzy apron to add to their party dresses. I used this easy-peasy pattern for a toddler apron to make them. They really came together super fast which is the speed at which I prefer to sew, not because I don't enjoy sewing, but because I am impatient.

I used leftover fabric from Easter 2011 (which I purchased far too much of because it was gorgeous) in pinks and greens. I did find the sweetest pink squirrel fabric for sale but did my husband the favor of using perfectly good scraps instead. The only modification I made was to narrow the sash width.

So... here they are. I will post the girls modeling them after we have the party....

Pink floral with contrasting green pocket (for their acorns) and sash

Three green sashes for the party-going little gals and a pink one for the birthday girl.
We thought about making everything a surprise but having her participate in the preparation just adds much more to the fun!

I've got party games, decor, and food ideas. What I really need are ideas for the boys in attendance. I'd like an apron equivalent that fits the toy soldier theme from the book... and a way to make cheap, but sturdy little Miss Suzy sword replicas. Those funny little triangular weapons are hysterical. (I don't think that cardboard and duct tape will last more than 2 minutes.) Ideas?????

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