Pro-Life Youth Leadership Retreat

In spite of the scorching heat this past weekend, Chief and the oldest two kids had a wonderful time at the annual Pro-Life Youth Congress (PLYC) Leadership Retreat. They had the opportunity to hear testimony from nationally acclaimed speakers such as Claire Culwell... were entertained by the fabulous husband and wife team The Strange Familiar, who also led them in praise and worship... worked on their leadership skills... had canoe wars in the lake (with the inevitable and wet consequences of such shenanigans)... attended holy mass... all in all, just had a wonderful weekend of fun and fellowship.

Professor was installed as the 2012-13 PLYC Speaker of the House and ran the video operations for the weekend. It was his first time tinkering with a lavelier mic (thank you, Brian!) and was a great learning experience all around.

If it had been a little cooler (instead of the 100+ degrees that it was), I would have been there with the littles (for age-appropriate activities, of course). As it is, I have to rely on pictures to get in on the experience...

The Cutest Camper award goes to.... Yes, that's my husband. *swoon*
His shirt from Rock for Life reads: HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL

Kyra and Jeff from The Strange Familiar leading praise and worship. Super talented pro-life husband and wife team. Their new song "Unwanted" was recently heard on the show "Pretty Little Liars." I'm not into shows like that (and don't intend to link it) but I'm glad to see thoughtful-provoking art weaving its way through the secular world. "Unwanted" portrays the abortion mindset... the one that is tempted to throw life away in order to find peace.

 About 60 kids attended the weekend, including two international students. Both Catholics and Protestant attended and presented, although the majority were Catholic.

Professor (left) with a couple of the national officers and friends.

Professor and Claire Culwell. If you've never seen her testimony, please take a few minutes to check it out... or bookmark for later.

Posted on July 10, 2012 .