Love is Like a Hello Kitty Band-Aid... and other deep thoughts

(Scroll down to the bottom of this post if you want to skip over a good deal of my complaining and read a great song composed by my 5-year old prodigy)

I have all kinds of ideas for posts this week but as I sit here on the couch at 2:30 am with elevated foot, all I can think is how much the stupid thing hurts. So, it is primarily (but not entirely) of this thing that I shall write...

I have struggled lifelong with my feet and can't (or shouldn't) run, walk energetically, or wash the dishes without a solid pair of shoes and my pricey custom orthotics. Aching, pained feet are nothing new. But this kind of pain is new and I'm a little concerned that I have finally ruptured my posterior tibial tendon. It has been unfriendly to me in life and I hear that it can degenerate with the years. And I am about to turn 36. So there you have it.

At any rate, I was about to start a great exercise program, which is usually when these kinds of things happen. I'm also supposed to go to Cedar Point soon with my family for a day of fun and much walking. Our one day of "vacation." It's been on the calendar for weeks. Will they go without mama? Lookin' likely.

Beyond that, we live in a split level with three sets of stairs. yay. I will call the doctor tomorrow (after I sleep in), see him in a few weeks, and one of several things will happen:

1. He will give a diagnosis of posterior tibial tendonitis and prescribe rest and rehab.
2. He will give a diagnosis of posterior tibial tendonitis and prescribe a lovely walking boot.
3. He will diagnose a ruptured posterior tibial tendon and I will have some great surgery photos to post on the blog.

Actually, I don't know what he will say or do but I do know that all options are inconvenient for a big-van- drivin'-homeschooling-mother who has kids to chase and just committed to an exercise program which involves feet. And yes, I'm whining about it a little. Because it's now 2:37 a.m. and the sandman cometh not.

I am grateful to have a working and healthy body but I have always had a rough relationship with these feet. They just don't seem to hold up when challenged. I've had a bazillion foot sprains and, consequently, once had to do physical therapy to retrain my brain to operate my feet without serious incident. Imagine the brain just forgetting how to work the feet. Who would have thought??

I know this is really all about my upcoming birthday. I'm getting older. I'm going to be officially past 35 which just sounds so very, very ancient... to my kids. I remember when 35 sounded old. Last week, I was thinking how funny it was that it now feels so young. And then this. I have aging tendons.

I think this is what my blog is really for... providing a venue for a highly privileged and blessed mother to whine about her minor inconveniences. And after I'm finished here, I'll hop on over to Pinterest to look up ways to knit a pair of socks for my sorry feet and make my own laundry detergent in which to wash my new socks.  I bet I'll even find something if I type in "posterior tibial tendonitis." Yup. What did I do before Pinterest?

I'm telling you truly that I have a brain and heart full of very lovely things to write... they are just so very stuck behind pain for the moment. In the next week or so, I particularly want to offer hope to homeschooling mother's with lonely children. It's been on my mind. I have been there and patience and steadfastness in pursuing virtuous fellowship has paid off for my oldest children. I'll tell you about it and share our experience and joy. I also want to share some significant changes in our home and lifestyle. I want to encourage those of you who feel trapped by worldly schedules and torn between the good and the better. Yes. Yes. Lots going on here. But coherence generally requires sleep and I'm lacking....

... which is why I'm up at 3:00 am complaining to the digital world about my feet. Oh, dear... I think instead of counting sheep, I shall count my blessings.

I'll leave you with a few lines of a little tune that Jellybean sang to her stuffed squirrel today. I'm warning you, it's heavy stuff, but perhaps it will inspire you to dig deep within your own soul. She gets her talent from her mother...

"My heart! Oh, what am I going to do? 
It hurts so much because I don't know what I don't know!
How can I love a sport I've never played? 
But if Jesus loves everybody, then we shouldn't cry... 
because love is like a Hello Kitty band-aid.
 Take it and love others! 
And eat lots of cookies... because they make us feel good.
But not your brother.
Because boys should not eat cookies."

(This is the child who makes it very difficult to pray a family rosary without everyone falling into hysterics. She seems oblivious to the effect she has on us... but perhaps she's simply brilliant. )

Posted on August 28, 2012 and filed under "family life".