The Rosary Quilt

Like many families, we struggle to fit a family Rosary into our crazy days. While I have no trouble with us saying private Rosaries (the more, the merrier!), there is something exceptionally grace-filled about saying it as a family. We become more peaceful, more focused, more rightly ordered. Together. My ideal time would be evenings but we are often scattered because of activities and work schedules... so I'm adjusting my expectations. I recently discovered a lovely way to promote and lead the Rosary in the home and have decided to make it a part of our school mornings. It's a slower way for us to start the day but that's what I'm shooting for this year. Slow. Purposeful. Peaceful. Christ-centered.

The Rosary Quilt Curriculum was designed by Cassandra, a homeschooling mother of six, and the Intercessaries Family Ministry is run out of her family home. The ministry exists to spread devotion to Our Lady and to support Catholic families in their domestic churches. I'll be using the program for our family devotions but it could very easily be used in parishes and co-ops, for First Communion instruction, or for faith studies.

The Rosary Quilt Manual uses the teachings of St. Louis de Montfort to teach children (approximate ages 5-12) the virtues and graces of praying the rosary. I was initially concerned that the age range would exclude some of my kids on the higher and lower ranges of age, but I don't think that will be an issue at all. My plan is to gather the children in the morning. We will pray together and discuss together, then the older children can begin their independent studies while the younger ones finish their activities.

Mysteries and corresponding virtues:

Annunciation - humility
Visitation - charity
Nativity - spirit of poverty
Presentation - purity
Finding in the temple - conversion and amendment
Agony in the garden - obedience and true contrition
Scourging - spirit of mortification
Crowning - contempt of the world (meaning to be focused on Heaven, not worldly matters)
Carrying of the Cross - patience
Crucifixion - love of the Cross and avoidance of sin
Resurrection - Faith
Ascension - Hope
Pentecost - know, love and spread the Catholic faith
Assumption - devotion to Mary
Coronation - perseverance in growing in virtue

I do wish that the Luminous Mysteries were also treated in this manual but they are not. I have added blank pages to the binder and plan on cooperating with the children to build our own over the course of the year. As we discuss and pray, we can add Scripture verses and our own activities, perhaps using the writings of Blessed John Paul II to inspire.

The tactile component of the Rosary Quilt is perfect for the littles. It helps the Rosary become more than just words we say, and primarily something that we do. Prayer is not just about words but an engagement of relationship and I think involving the whole mind and body of a little person in prayer and meditation is very meaningful and very effective for teaching and keeping focus. For the older ones, there is plenty to read, study, and learn in addition to the Rosary prayer. It would also be a blessing to all involved to have them help the younger ones complete their projects.

The Rosary Quilt Curriculum is available in hard copy or digital version. I love hard copy books but do have the digital version which I printed and put in a binder. I do not have a copier so the digital makes more sense for use with multiple children. The complete curriculum includes:

Rosary Quilt Manual
Rosary Quilt Workbook (reproducible)
Activity Blanket Instructions

Additional options include:

Rosary Quilt Virtue Chart
Rosary Quilt Meditation Pages (fabric quilt alternative)
Make-Your-Own Rosary Quilt Kit

For those of you who do not sew, fear not... the "quilt" can be as light on sewing as you choose. A strong crafting glue can easily replace a needle and thread. For those of you who love sewing, go to town! And finally, for those of you who absolutely want nothing to do with fabric at all... Intercessories offers reproducible Meditation pages that serve the same purpose. My plan is to ignore my perfectionist tendencies and hand over the making of the quilt entirely to Cookie and the little girls. It will mean more to them that way and I won't be stricken with guilt over another unfinished project. :)

I too often speak of "fitting in" the Rosary when the relationship with Christ and His Blessed Mother really belongs at the center of... well, everything. I am looking forward to this period of slow prayer... where faith, family, and relationship are allowed to breath and grow.

Thanks so much to Cassandra, for offering me the opportunity to review the loving work of her hands. It has blessed me and my family and I am grateful to share it. Visit her blog, Our Lady's Children, for homeschooling printables and thoughtful writings from a Catholic mom.

*Please note* 
From time to time, the Rosary Quilt kits will run out on Etsy. Please keep checking back for restocked items and new fabric choices or contact Cassandra to make a request.

Posted on August 13, 2012 .