Cleaning Notes

This post is the result of having limited time and many thoughts. Those thoughts happen to be all on the same general topic so I'm jotting them down for future reference...

General Topic: Cleaning

1. An awkward cleaning moment. There was a moment this week where I stood in the middle of a public thoroughfare by myself with two naked children. One was bare out of absolute necessity as I was desperately trying to wash him clean. The other one took it upon herself to remove her dirty apparel. It was awkward and hilarious in a surreal kind of way. I would rather not have participated in that moment but it makes for a great story.

2. Homemade clean. I made my own laundry detergent yesterday. I felt so Laura Ingalls. And so frugal. I have done an unusually large amount of clothes washing since because I have been so excited about my new toy.

3. About still not having a shower. I know I'm just spoiled but it is actually getting more difficult for me instead of easier. I thought I would grow accustomed to the situation but instead, we're all just falling out of the habit of good hygiene. If you don't see us out and about, you'll know why. I took a bath this week and it was rather complicated. I suppose I'm out of practice. I don't fit in the tub the same way I did when I was eight. The children are experiencing a similar lull in enthusiasm...

Me: Why don't you go take a bath, honey?
Preteen: No, thanks.
Me (rephrasing): Go take a bath.

4. Towel Chaos. The Chief started a towel system in our house last year to cut down on the amount of towel laundry we were doing. Each child has two towels in their special color. They are only permitted to use their own towels and if some extenuating circumstance necessitates the use of another's towel, they must pay a small rental fee. I know this sounds extreme but we were having towel drama and excessive laundry before this system. This way, towels are more likely to get hung up and used more than once before they are dumped in the laundry.

Ironically, the lack of a shower has caused this system to erode. There was a rhythm to things before. Now... chaos. Time to crack down on towel deviancy.

5. Washing the washing machine. I was so happy about my new laundry soap that I felt compelled to clean my washing machine. Pour vinegar into the softener dispenser and barrel. Run a hot cycle, stop when it is partially filled and close the lid. Let it sit for about an hour. Open the lid and wipe off the crud. Finish the cycle. Rinse out the rest of the loosened crud. Lovely, clean washer. I've used this method with bleach in addition to vinegar but the bleach fumes just about kill me. And the vinegar does a super job on it's own.

Three out of five of the topics above will be getting their own post in the future. One of them was enough in itself. And one was a case of whining, pure and simple. Ignore that one.
Posted on September 1, 2012 .