Non-Physicians Trained to Perform Abortions

Non-Physicians in California continue to be trained to perform abortions in spite of the fact that there has been an 80% increase in complications when non-physicians abort babies. I mean, of course, complications to the mother, since the intended (and typical) outcome for the child is death.

"incomplete abortion, failed abortion, hemorrhage/excessive bleeding, hematometra, infection, cervical injury, and uterine perforation..."

Does anyone still believe anymore that these people are concerned about "safe" abortions? With the mountains of evidence that demonstrate a steady record of safety non-compliance among abortion providers, it is hard to believe that such ignorance among educated people isn't willful. The biggest abortion supporters in this country are the ones who reap financial reward from the carnage of death, injury, and grief. (And yes, my feminist friends, most of them are men.) Follow the money trail and you will discover why one of the fundamental elements of the democrat party's platform is Reproductive Services. Safe and Legal is what they say. Lucrative and legal is what many think.

I intended to post our high school curriculum today. But then I noticed that outrageous headline and it just made everything else seem momentarily fluffy. We've got an election coming up and either unborn human beings matter... or they don't. All people of all ages have dignity... or they don't. We are either moving in the direction of greater love and consideration for the weakest members of society... or away from that love.

If I knew that my vote for Romney would bring financial ruin upon my family and the country, I would still cast the vote. As long as the killing of innocent human beings (at any age) is legal in this country, I remain a one-issue voter. Quality of life issues remain irrelevant when life itself is denied.

Non-Physician Abortion Fact Sheet

Posted on September 5, 2012 .