Unfolding God's dreams for our family...

I don't have a good handle on how to start this post. It's like trying to stuff a queen size pillow into a coke bottle. Part of the problem is that I do not want to be overly dramatic and yet I do not wish to understate what the Lord has done for us. The best way today, I suppose, is just to dive in and be brief...

We have pulled our highly talented and successful athletic children out of all team sports... and we are recommitting our time, talent, and treasure to the Lord.

Yes. That about sums it up. But it's that pillow in the bottle thing again. That statement encompasses so many months of prayer and discernment, tears, confusion, rejoicing, discovering, dreaming, worrying... I just don't know how to cover it all adequately. It was something like delivering a baby. Painful, but rather worth it. I will just tell you one thing...

When God wants to do great work in the family, the family has to make room. We made room and now we are in an uncomfortable, yet exciting, period of rediscovery. It is time to uncover God's greater plans, not because athletics aren't a good thing when properly used, but because they were preventing us from being open to something better.

We are definitely fumbling around a bit. Wandering. Growing. Spending much more time at home while we wait for God's plan to unfold a bit. We have been dabbling a little in music and expanding our  involvement in pro-life work. There is a lot to say but again, it's almost too much to speak to yet.

Here's to new beginnings. Thanks be to God!

When we opened our hearts and honestly looked to doing God's will, He made sure the way was clear for us. Doors that he wanted closed, He slammed closed. Doors He wanted opened were not only opened, but decorated with flowers and strawberries and rainbows (metaphorically, of course). He is not silent. We are usually just not listening. I'm not saying this wasn't painful. and that's another thing.... doing the right and good thing doesn't necessarily feel great in an emotional kind of way. I think we get confused by associating the two ideas too closely. We think that doing God's will is always supposed to make us feel good. We had to revisit the crucifix many times to remind ourselves that a suffering love isn't always what we wish it would be, humanly speaking. What I am saying is that the path was made clear. And in spite of the real heartache, we knew it was the right thing. 

Posted on September 30, 2012 and filed under "family life", "music", "sports".