7QT: Things that make you go hmmm....

There's a lot to ponder in life. I stayed up late last night to watch the debate and commentary, which gave me even more to ponder. Hmmm....


Biden calls himself a "practicing Catholic" and uses the words "de fide doctrine" as if... well, as if.

Favorite related tweet from the Creativity Minority Report:


The European Union wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Huh.


I recently had a discussion with a woman who has a blood disorder that could potentially be passed down to any children she bears. She told me that she wouldn't want to bring a sick child into the world because the child might die young or need surgery. She would rather abort such a child.


I'm trying to get back to more light-hearted blog posting. Our minds need a break from the intensity of political stuff sometimes. The thing is, I just can't seem to do it for long these days. Even my Pinterest activity has been dominated by Life. The election is so close. We have so little time to do everything that we can. Less than a month. It seems like a form of insanity to post about recipes or crafts when the lives of so many hang in the balance. But it is hard to maintain the intensity level... not because I am not inclined to do it, but because the whole issue is just heartbreaking. I do think my heart is on the verge of breaking. Obligatory lighthearted crafting foodie bloggy things coming up soon...


Check this photo out. Seminarians in Ohio. In front of an abortion mill. This is beautiful.

“The point of all of this is that wherever man is suffering — in this case, an unborn child, a woman who is having the abortion, those who are facilitating the abortion — the Church has to be present to these people, primarily by prayer,” said Fr. Wehner.

Fr. Wehner explained to LifeSiteNews that the “overall theology that we are promoting with the seminarians is the New Evangelization, [which] moves us into the promotion of an authentic humanism and a culture of life.”


There are pro-life people out there who intend to vote for neither candidate. Mostly because they just wanted Ron Paul. So they're going to sit home and allow the abortion supporters to vote for them. Hey, if you're pro-life and can't bring yourself to vote for Romney, at least work yourself up to vote against Obama. If you sit home, you are not released from your moral obligation to stand against the destruction of innocent life.
UPDATE: Read "Why Pro-Lifers Fail" after you watch this...


Again and again in discussions about abortion, pro-choice advocates make claims against me. They say that I am hateful. That I am ignorant. That I am blinded. That I am a fool. That I am unkind. Unloving. Some have even said that it would be better had I been aborted myself.

And what can I say? I know my weakness. I am all of those things that they accuse me of. And yet I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. And I know that He asks me to speak in defense of my smallest brothers and sisters in spite of my weakness. No person can stand on their own authority or goodness. I know that. I pray that God's grace and mercy prevails in the hearts of all people... and I know I need it as much as anyone.

I pray that all those with whom I discuss these important issues will look past my weakness and see only Grace and Mercy.

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Posted on October 12, 2012 .