I am Voiceless

A number of factors combined this weekend to cause me to entirely lose my voice. It started with a cold and cough. Add some hearty communicating about this and that around the house. Next, throw in an all day craft show where I chatted pretty much incessantly. Now today, after a full morning and afternoon of trying to force my voice to be heard by those who may or may not have wanted to hear it, I can only whisper softly. Super softly.

It's a strange feeling to be responsible for an entire household and not be able to give directions, reply to questions, read a book out loud, or participate in family prayers. Definitely a helpless feeling. Everything else on me still works fine. I just can't be heard when I want to be heard. And sometimes, when I need to be heard.

I'm coming!
Don't touch that hot stove!
Will you please....?
This is how you do the problem.
Are you okay?
I love you.

I laughed at one point and called myself voiceless. I am voiceless. I have no voice. Those words jogged a memory and I thought of the many times I have declared my commitment to speaking on behalf of those who have no voice. Namely, the preborn children who will be destroyed by abortion.

They cannot say what they would want to say. They cannot say what needs to be heard...

I am hungry.
Will you feed me?
I am thirsty.
Will you give me something to drink?
I am cold.
Will you clothe me?
I am afraid.
Will you hold me?
I do not want to die.
Are you okay?
I love you.

I am offering my inconvenient laryngitis today for the children of the world who cannot cry out against the injustice committed against them.

I am also offering my day for all the mothers and fathers who regret their abortions and grieve in silence.

My kids were discussing whether or not my voice would return soon. One of them jokingly suggested that perhaps it would be better for all the kids if my voice were not better tomorrow! She was joking but there was truth in there, too. I am not always careful. I wound with my voice.

For all the unborn, for the grieving mothers and fathers, in reparation for the wounds I have inflicted with my voice.... Lord, here my prayer.

Posted on October 29, 2012 .