The Pig Mom Gives an Award

One of my favorite bloggers ever has given me a sweet award. That is a big deal for me today because, for some reason, it currently makes me very happy to be liked by someone outside of my household. Perhaps it has something to do with the abusive language that a couple pro-abortion people have been hurling at my soul. I don't know. At any rate, I thought it was lovely.

I told my kids about it last night. The Pig Mom gave ME a blog award! (We have fallen into calling this lovely woman "Pig Mom"... I'll explain in a moment. I hope she forgives us.) They weren't particularly impressed because the award wasn't actually attached to any kind of prize. You mean someone just makes up an award and gives it to other people who then give it to people they like? Yes, of course. And it's a very big deal, children.

So, she passed this award on to me, telling the world that I keep her thinking and that her favorite post of mine is the one about how I deal with my non-toilet flushing kids. Which is hilarious and ironic because my favorite post of hers is about the time she cleaned up a dead pig. My kids also love that post and hence, she has become... the Pig Mom. (In our defense, we don't know her real name and have to use something.) I am so, so sorry beautiful lady... but I trust your sense of humor will carry you through this grave insult. I am working on assigning you a different moniker... give me a couple days.

And here it is... proof that someone actually reads my blog...

I must confess that I am a terribly ungracious blog award-receiver in general. They often come with requirements and I usually procrastinate and then don't end up acknowledging the kindness. But today, I'm extra grateful (see first paragraph) and will commence with the required 7 things about me. (Incidentally, I have done the 'about me' list before and barely made it through alive so this list is going to get pretty scrappy.)

I have to be completely transparent and admit that I don't know what this award actually means but I'm well beyond caring. I have the vague notion that someone likes me and that's good enough for the moment.

The rules:

  • Recipients need to thank the giver (If I haven't completely offended and alienated her by now, I hope she knows I'm terribly grateful.)
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog (yup.)
  • Post 7 things about yourself (coming up...)
  • Pass the award onto 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know they’ve been nominated 

  • The 7 things about me section...

    * I have a tendency to sign up for craft shows for which I am never remotely prepared. I took the year off two years ago and felt compelled to make up for it by signing up for two this year. There is no end to my foolishness. I am simply hoping to get there on time with enough items to fill a table... and that I won't be assigned to a table next to anything particularly smelly. Like waxed bears.

    * I'm still tormented by youth sports. The boys' club volleyball try-outs have come and gone without Professor in attendance. Silly as it sounds, I definitely felt emotionally down about it. I still have a pretty strong attachment. But now that the date has passed, I can march on a little more freely. The next significant dates are at the end of this month when Cookie's try-outs would have happened. You all may think I'm a bit shallow about it but actually, I've just been giving far too much of my heart and soul to the wrong things. Not too shallow, too deep. In the wrong direction.  The retrieval process is not pretty.

    * I've been working on a pro-life event blog for the Cleveland area so that busy people can more easily find a way to participate in pro-life work. I hope that it will also make networking easier for those planning events. It's going really well on my end... hoping that people will actually use it!

    * Praying for a woman named Sarah who has an abortion scheduled for Wednesday (today). This will be her third. She is determined to follow through. Join me in prayer for her?

    * I love homemade soap of all kinds and have now been branching out to natural household cleaners, namely, vinegar. It is the miracle liquid. It cuts bathtub scum, gets the hard cruddy build-up off toilet bowls, is a lovely rinse-aid in the laundry... aaand it is harmless to my wee lads and lassies. Of course, they act like they're dying from the smell every time I use it but that doesn't count.

    * I am preparing to go heavy on the handmade this Christmas. I have several sewing and crafty projects on the docket. Apparently, I like to be stressed out since I planned these in addition to being chronically unprepared for craft shows. But I love handmade and think it particularly appropriate on the birthday of our Lord. It is a way to give back a little from the substance of His gifts to us. It is too easy to spend money. Handmade forces us to slow down and think out the gift, the recipient, and gratitude in general.

    * I am allergic/sensitive to everything that lives on God's green earth and a good many things that don't. I would like a ceramic room for Christmas (a pink one)... where I can go for just a little while each day to rest.

    Now. That's done. The next requirement is to nominate 7 other bloggers for this award. Easy peasy. Except, I don't think I can nominate the nominator of me. Or maybe I can. I'm not sure if that's against the rules or not. I don't want to be busted by the meme police! That settles it... she's first... let 'em bust me...

    A Fly on our (Chicken Coop) Wall
    Mama of 6 kids and various farm animals. Thoughtful and hilarious. My kids think she is spying on us because her family life sounds so eerily similar to ours. Minus the pigs. (To the Coop mama... you do not have to accept this award twice simply because I broke the rules.)

    Sole Searching Mama
    Susan is the homeschooling mama of 5 boys who somehow manages to stay gorgeous and fit while writing inspiring, faithful blog posts.... and still keeps it all real.

    Joyfilled Family
    I'm usually content to think about meeting my bloggy friends someday in our heavenly home. This is not the case with Lena. I am determined to sit down with this sweet sister in Christ over a smoothie someday.

    Heather is another of the big family homeschooling mamas whose blogs I love to read. My little girls wear pretty crochet hair bows that her daughter knitted and I think her annual family birthday bash (for the entire neighborhood) is so cool.

    The Clay Rosary Girl
    Because I just love insanely talented Catholic homeschooling mamas who eat clean food, make their own laundry soap, and blog about it all. :)

    Family at the Foot of the Cross
    I think Tiffany secretly looks into my soul so that she can blog encouragement to me. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason she blogs.

    Posted on October 17, 2012 .