Two Bodies...

I've been talking with a number of abortion supporters about their position recently and the one thing that has struck me is their unwillingness to engage the heart of the matter: abortion. People want to talk about rights. They want to talk about terrible pro-life people. They want to talk about their own body and their freedoms and plans. It is surprisingly difficult to have an honest discussion about the thing itself.

I do understand why this is the case. Nobody wants to be accused of being a baby killer. Nobody wants to be one either. It's a horrible thing to dwell on.

The pro-life person is in the difficult position of having to articulate a position which will likely cause a person some (or much) emotional discomfort. Talking about what abortion really is causes a very strong emotional reaction in people, usually anger. But in spite of the suffering that the subject causes, it must be brought up...

...Because it's not just about the woman's body. There are two people involved. And the child needs an advocate.

Thank God for the gift of His infinite Mercy. We all need it. May the good Lord touch the minds and hearts of all involved in discussions about abortion today. That love and truth prevail. That Grace and Mercy wash over all and bring peace and freedom.
Posted on October 9, 2012 and filed under "abortion".